Sunday, November 8, 2009


COLOR informal

a) not according to prescribed or fixed customs, rules, ceremonies, etc
b) casual, easy, unceremonious, or relaxed
c) designs for use on everyday occasions
d) not requiring formal dress
e) colloquial

This is the text (above) accompanying the blog named COLOR INFORMAL which hails from Florida in the US. Virginia, the creative mind behind this blog is one of those people who gets you looking outside the conventional and the same old. Her inventiveness is not of the common variety, nor is it loud and obvious. A curious turn of phrase and an image that you have to look twice at is the way she bewitches one's attention. Here poetry is found in unexpected places indeed. 
Tonight I want to send a warm hello and thank you to Virginia for posting something from my archive blog on her blog today (7 NOV 09). It was fascinating to see what Virginia would choose to post. Each time someone comes along with a fresh perspective is an opportunity to see something a little differently. Its been delightful to have the opportunity for further conversation in the to and fro of exchange to share images, thus gaining a sense of how life might be for another on distant shores. Images from the region Virginia lives in frequent her blog, giving one some idea of this part of the world in that sense as well.

puddles in the pecan grove (New Mexico)


virginia said...

i so enjoyed searching through your images and stories, and had a difficult time deciding which to post!

thank you for your kind words.

the internet is amazing, as is travel...

new mexico, where i grew up, is dry and desert-like, but now i live in florida, hot and humid, surrounded by water. ironically, the wet state of florida was shut down in july 1998, because of state wide forest fires.

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you Virginia and to have the locations put into perspective.
I knew you were in Florida, but then to confuse everything I chose that image from New Mexico...I checked to be sure that is where it was from. Pecans I associate from the south, rightly or wrongly, probably based on a New Orleans cookbook I once had.
I also read back over your blog postings and was surprised what I found that I had not noticed from being a regular visitor simply reading current posts.
Across time blogs can hold a great deal of biography even when parts of one's life are only discretely referred to.
Its like one reads the book if time is taken to scroll back as opposed to when a couple of posts updating the current time are glanced at.
Thanks again for your generous gesture Virginia,

Gabrielle Jones said...

Hi Sophie. I really enjoy your eclectic images and references - it's a great resource. Keep up the good work!

em said...

very pretty! her art reminds me a little of yours...

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Gabrielle,
i just visited your website and blog quickly - viewed some wonderful paintings and shall return!
Thanks for the great response!

Hi Em,
thanks for visiting. Now I am curious as to whether you visited Virginia's blog and looked at her other work...