Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bio-diversity from Abstract City

visit this page to see more of the wonderful Christoph Neimann's illustrations for the NYTimes. View bio-diversity here. Scroll down the page and on the right you will see other posts to click on. The Berlin Wall post is excellent as is  the 'boys on the subway' which happens to be autobiographical...from the illustrator's experience with his young sons!

I'll leave you with this one...time for coffee for me... bye for now!
Christoph Niemann - Coffee


em said...

sohpie, i get to enjoy all this in my local paper, the NY Times! brilliant stuff, thanks for making me aware of happenings in my own backyard (that i would have otherwise missed.) how do you find all these great things?

Sophie Munns said...

Your local paper is indeed a fine one Em!
I'm not a fan of the local one here - the Courier Mail. Someone referred to it as the Curious Mail the other day... wasn't sure how that fit either! Anyway...

A bit of fun with these illustrations from Christoph Neimann. He's clever in that understated way and they have a lightness of touch despite the sometimes weighty themes (thinking berlin ones!). I'm sure that goes down well in a place like NY where plenty of lives know the full measure of gravitas.

about finding things....sometimes i come to the computer in a mood that's ripe for finding things... the wiring in one's brain is sparking here, connecting there...things appear....the brain and the computer are one.

just sometimes...thats always what its like though when i find things... I run with it because it's illusive and disappears so i make the most of those brief moments. Things seem to cohere at those times...its like finding parts of the puzzle that were waiting to be filled in.

Sanne said...

Oh I love this,
There is always so much to learn and to discover on your blog, and it seems that you find something new every day to show us! Beautiful and thank you :-)

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Sanne,
Its good to get feedback. I like the magazine/journal aspect of the weblog - shifting the tone and weight of posts so that expectations are tested and a broader audience might be engaged. Cross-pollination of ideas and broader connections in this time of global complexity and velocity of change to me are a good fit.

That's the beauty of the blog format - one leaves behind the rules and does something authentic - people choose to visit or not. There's no obligation or subscription to be concerned with.

My archive blog is of course very straight-forward and non-interactive. This is an opportunity for something different and to discover and learn for me.

What are you plans now Sanne after your recent show?There always seems to be so much happening re Art and Design in the Netherlands.