Saturday, November 28, 2009

pattern via dear ada

Picture 35

Dear Ada is a delight to visit...bring your own cup of tea and click here to see what she has posted under pattern. These 2 images above are from the pattern collection are  by w.c.richardson at Geoform.

Richardson's works above happened to trigger thoughts of work by Australian Artist Peter Atkins - The work is essentially very different in nature and approach but certainly pattern, form and perhaps colour helps register some link . Atkin's work is shown below from quite recent to work dated 1994. I saw a large show of his work in a regional gallery 5 years ago and they struck me as very compelling. I always like to see what he is working on next and I must say I could easily be drawn to purchase a work from 2002-2003 if cash was lying around asking to be spent.

Peter Atkins  Paperform No 4 2003

Peter Atkins Buckle 2002

Peter Atkins  Toe seperator 1997

Peter Atkins  Asterix 1995

Leaf pattern

Peter Atkins Leaf Pattern 1994

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