Saturday, November 28, 2009


Clearing one's mail box can be a somewhat arduous task - things saved there to look at later. On the other hand what treasures await when in the midst of slowly waking up, enjoying a peaceful saturday morning, one discovers wonderful things quite forgotten about. 
Conversation  with self goes like this:
"Mmm - wonder what this is?"
"Ohhh wow...fantastic links...Oh yes...saved for the endless links to artists sites and art blogs, magazines..."
"'s a post on W.C.Richardson whom I posted on last night... and here's the artist with his work. Oh great!"

read the post on tackad here and be sure to trawl through Dean Aldrich's extensive links if you are interested in the  categories he refers to in the description of his blog.
tackad - showcasing abstract paintings with writing or dots. Abstract calligraphy, postmodern pointillism, marks, gestures and scribbles, text and language based works.

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