Sunday, November 22, 2009

underwater sculpture

Underwater Sculpture

 The artist Jason de Caires Taylor's website is the place to go for fascinating details on this mysterious work. His sculptures "highlight ecological processes whilst creating artificial reefs and underlining our need to protect our natural world". View 2 brief videos of the underwater work - quite atmospheric and worth a look!

images above and below remind me of those National Geographic stories of archeological ventures all around the Mediterranean  as does the work above of Jason de Caires Taylor. Ancient amphoras were used in transportation all around this region...a 2006 thyme infused Olive Oil, and what was thought to be a salad dressing, was discovered in the cargo of amphoras...some still intact around 2000 years later.


Dragonfly said...

Wow! fabulous pics! Happy Sunday :-)

Sophie Munns said...

thanks dragonfly!
good beach day today in Brissie! I noticed you go canoeing - your recent blog post...very pleasant excuse to be on the water.
I made it to the fabulous State Library today as I had some research to do and knew it would be cool and comfortable.
Have a good week!