Friday, November 6, 2009

from letters of note

your girl frida - read about it here.

IHEARTU - read more here.

It's with regret, Mr Warhol...  read here.

Shaun Usher started the fascinating blog Letters of Note some months back and it is definitely worth a look if you are drawn to this kind of material. The correspondence covers a broad range of fields. I've chosen 3 from the Art category here - a close inspection of the bottom letter will amuse anyone who  has experienced the knock-backs that are part of the artist's vocation. Dont think Andy let this one hold him back too much!


Four Seasons in a Life said...

You find the most interesting things on the Internet. Just a few days ago, I twittered about the Andy Warhol rejection letter which appeared in the Los Angeles TIme on October 30.

The universe moves in interesting ways.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds with us.


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Egmont,
Thanks for dropping in.
Its indeed curious how things circulate. I was looking at a science blog this morning and found a quaint letter a young boy had written to scientists with a plan for a Space rocket 50 years ago and finally someone had answered the letter. This happened to be on Letters of note which is where I found the Warhol letter.
Have a peaceful weekend!