Saturday, November 21, 2009

Master teachers from the early 20th century

Currently showing at MOMA in NY is a major exhibition Bauhaus: workshops for modernity 1919 -1933. This morning whilst visiting the excellent blog Little Paper Planes I was prompted to look into the weblinks which I found most worthwhile.The page below is a timeline in images and notes which allows for a comprehensive yet brief overview. From there I went on to look at various sites, one or 2 detailing the period the Bauhaus was located in Dessau where various Master teachers were given houses designed by Walter Gropius to live in and work in. Klee resided next door to Kandinsky with their respective families and was known to conduct free painting classes in his home-based atelier, as well as carrying out more formal duties at the Bauhaus. 
Paul Klee. Introducing the Miracle. 1916
'Introducing the Miracle' - Paul Klee 1916

The following workshop below is from an extensive program running for the duration of the exhibition. As you can see it is on this weekend...Oh to be in NY! There are repeats of this and other workshops over the next few months.To read about the Master's houses click here

New in October - Paul Klee 1930

Lyn Meyer-Bergen - student in Paul Klee at Bauhaus

Visit the excellent website of important Bauhaus Master Gunta Stolzl teacher here. Stolzl was an influential weaver and also a painter. Her textile work is shown below.


Four Seasons in a Life said...

I am a BIG fan of Bauhaus and not because I grew up in that environment.

I had Twittered about the exhibit a few weeks ago and wishing I could go, but alas, sadly I am on the other side of the countries coast and can only hope that the exhibit will come to the west sometime in the future.

Thank you for sharing and enjoy your weekend,

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Egmont,
I really enjoyed reading about this show - thinking about the unique role of the Bauhaus and how it has stayed such a revered institution.
I wonder if there is anywhere now that could compare?

Brisbane is about to have another Asia Pacific Triennial open next month...a reminder of the part of the world we live in. Someone had the forsight quiet a longtime back to launch this triennial before it was fashionable and it now plays a fantastic role in bringing together people and ideas from this region.
I'l post on that soon!