Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a variation on arm chair travel

I guess your'e wondering what on earth I have posted here. Well...we had a slide show at home tonight. This odd assortment of  shots was part of that slideshow. My mother and a friend of hers took a trip to Europe not so long ago. My mission was to sort through hundreds of photos and turn it into the slideshow... a most unusual task I must say. I ended up possibly remembering more of their tour through Berlin, Poland, Budapest, Prague Vienna etc etc than they may after photo-shopping 100's of photos to find the best angle, and where crop, enhance, add or subtract. As the hours (!) were passing I began to get more experimental with the artwork.... so much so that Lyn tonight hardly recognised the shots from her camera. Certainly I amused myself with the task...and it was a telling exercise step into another's shoes so to speak... see what they had seen and then add something of one's own to the mix.
The good news is that Lyn was delighted with my serious editing efforts and colour enhancements gone mad... and the Mozart soundtrack to add to the atmosphere. Big sigh from me though...would have loved to have been holding the camera on the trip actually...but still ...I almost feel as though I have been there.


Dragonfly said...

Wow! Well done! Great way to travel - no jet lag ;-)
Have a good day!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Dragonfly,
saves time, money and jet-lag. Thanks for the laugh!

The Artist Within Us said...

One of the greatest rewards to blogging is that we not only get to meet and see wonderful artist and their art work, we get to see glimpses of other worlds and the community they live in.

We all become — using your words — armchair travelers, and though i would also prefer to be the one holding the camera, I am grateful for these momentary escapes.

Wishing you all the best,

Sophie Munns said...

Its wonderful indeed Egmont.
I am always fascinated to notice how artists live and work in different quarters of the globe. It breaks down the distance in a number of ways....and can be surprising to appreciate the similarities that there are in the human experience.