Sunday, November 22, 2009

friday afternoon in the studio

Last week I bought 10 small pots of herbs to plant in my tiny herb garden that need replenishing. On friday the boys arrived after school for class and they worked on drawings of several herb pots. They are keen 7 year olds...and I got too distracted to photograph their wonderful drawings...maybe next week! 
However, we got talking about portraits and I remembered I had photo-booth on my Mac which i hardly ever use we had a bit of fun with them posing for some images and then setting up shots as if i had turned my studio into a greenhouse.
Tom and Elliot are the most amusing, curious and enthusiastic individuals who ask fascinating questions and amaze me with their capacity to engage. Elliot is already asking all kinds of questions about how he can be an artist when he finishes school - how long I spent a Uni studying, what it was like and so on. Tom was very excited the day we looked at Hundertwasser as he liked the idea of art combined with architecture. "I'd like to do that when i grow up" he declared! Life's an adventure with these two young art students. It certainly brings out the playful side in my approach. No matter what I organise before hand they always help push the envelope in some new inventive way. A lot of singing and laughing escapes from my studio on friday afternoons ... 2 boys with big personalities and loads of charm!

Another thought... having taught mostly teens and adults for many years I am freshly reminded each week about how strong an interest this age group has in the natural world. We have returned again and again to drawing what we find in the garden outside as their connection is SO strong to this world. We are lucky around here to have plenty of green space and verdant vegetation. The girls I teach who are 5 years older enjoy the garden, but they have a more detached approach. For these 2 boys nothing beats a run around the garden finding things to draw, and every week, without fail, picking a nasturtium flower to eat!


La Dolce Vita said...

lovely post! I used to teach drawing to this age group as well as adults and teens and I agree, they remind you of the wonders of life!

janis said...

What a great combination, a passionate art teacher and two energetic 7 year olds! I want to come draw in your herb garden too... sounds like such a lovely time. xo, j.

The Artist Within Us said...

It looks like you and the younger ones had a great time in your studio.

One can learn much from children and I confess that there are moments in my old age I wish I could just return for a few minutes into a previous life.

Thank you for sharing,

Sophie Munns said...

La DV,
thanks you for your warm comment! They are so fresh at that age - Yes?
By the way ...I love your last 2 posts...that Letter book was fab and the antique trip was wonderful...I'd like to book a trip with you!

Hi Janis,
Hey....if you ever want to pop down-under I would put you up so I can watch you draw the herbs and offer you cups of tea! And I would introduce you to Tom and Elliot whom I must film doing their thing...they also would love to watch you draw. I have referred my classes to your drawings on a number of occasions to show them the magic of a line drawing! Have I mentioned that before? Come join the fun!
S xx

Hi Egmont,
Its a very good tonic to have the presence of children in one's studio from time to time. I started the year off thinking I would offer courses to adults after Easter break...and then suddenly I found children were finding their way to me without any advertising or I went with it.
2 weeks ago my girl's class had to come the same afternoon as the I sat the girls on the verandah with their tasks and the boys inside. The previous evening they'd all been at their school's musical evening - and the boys could not refrain from singing songs from My Fair Lady. Their enthusiasm at first brought giggles from the 12 yr old girls, but soon they too were singing "By George she's got it!" and "I could have danced all night!"They all got so much art work done and had an incredible time spontaneously singing for the rest of the afternoon!

What a brilliant way to banish gloom...!

em said...

lovely children, sweet post! i wish i'd had more than just my one...

Sophie Munns said...

I can have quite tender longings at times for the children that aren't here in one's life Em...
Where did I read...children remind adults that we dont need a reason to be happy...they can mostly just go there - go into that space of energy and jofulness - for no bubbles up...its not "being optimistic" or contriving is just pure...its there...and we adults need to witness that and be capable of accessing that as well I think !

janis said...

p.s. Sophie - you are so sweet!

Sophie Munns said...

comment deserved Janis!