Sunday, November 8, 2009

from undercover painter to

'Untitled'  oil on board  30 x 30 cm

Morning Table 2  Oil on canvas  25 x 25 cm

Undercover Painter is the name of a wonderful blog I have been following for months. There had been hints that the mysterious person behind this cover might share their own work and I was I was so enjoying reading the posts and finding much to be inspired by in the writing and selection of various artist's work. 
SO it was a joyous occasion to find this weekend undercover painter had indeed set up a website, still in the process of being created at the moment, but most importantly announcing to us all who she is and showing some luscious paintings. I started raiding my socks draw to see if I could find some loose $$'s floating around as a down-payment on "untitled" which I was irrevocably drawn to. Inga Dalrymple will no doubt have more to delight us with in the future and I wish her well and look forward to seeing what comes!


Gabrielle Jones said...

I, too, was extremely delighted to see her work - it is sumptuous and beautiful and very painterly and considered. You have chosen two of my favourites, but there are more on the site that could easily be here, too. I also look forward to seeing more

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Gabrielle,
It was a great and wonderful surprise.
I was even more suprised because i had not any idea who the person was, where they lived...somehow I think back in May or June when i was discovering some of the blogs of australian artists I got Inga mixed up with another australian blogger who was male and lived in Melbourne. Undercover painter was so discreet, posted such consistently good things...but not daily, or weekly for that matter. The fact they were more intermittent postings and without personal details to give it all away meant I failed to notice if there were clues showing up.

I remember once thinking there were some things that seemed more of a female than male perspective...but I must have been so fixed on undercover's mistaken identity that nothing upset my fantasy until...the website arrived.

Yet her paintings dont seem at all at odds with the writing or anything else I had perceived.

Thanks for commenting Gabrielle.

Undercover Painter said...

Hey guys, your warm, supportive comments totally blow me away! Sophie, thanks so much for dedicating a post to my work. It's difficult to get used to seeing my paintings on a blog but I'm sure I'll get over it. I love reading about your perceptions of UP and who's behind it - makes me laugh, as well as be flattered...but, I feel sad because; can I ever be undercover again? I'll push through it though and, well, I have some good things planned so stay tuned ;) You guy's are great - did I mention that? ;)

Sophie Munns said...

What a hoot Inga!
You could always start another blog called 'incognito' and take the stance of a male artist in Melbourne....!

Its been a lot of fun...thanks for adding a little mystery to our lives. I'm sorry I'm not in Sydney as I could have gone to see Gabrielle's work at Danks St (which by the way looks fabulous!) and you could have joined us there for a chat...or perhaps a celebration drink!

Maybe sometime before too long i will get to Sydney and we 3 can meet...we can all wear the same colour clothing and have a signal to look out for each other.

anyway... on a more serious note...
I'm looking forward to more installments!
ps ... it was a pleasure to post your work to share with a wider audience!