Wednesday, March 5, 2014

what happened to February?

Just noticed the last time I posted here was January 24th and its now March 5th.

An unheard of gap from me at this blog... but indicative of being busy elsewhere. Ive had a few painting bursts though and written various applications and associated material and generally am getting organised for the year.

Images from Instagram with different app finishes
ALSO included on a Flipagram video which i've just tried!

Too early to say what's unfolding .... but something's cooking!

I have left notes or images is at these sites:

Studio blog + New work!


Facebook Page

A week ago I bought these paints... three colours... that's led to a series of works on paper started Friday night...  and then yesterday, a small reworked canvas, a larger work close to finishing and another getting started.

A quick midweek, unplanned visit to the Art store led to a purchase of 3 colours... in keeping with the colour story Ive returned to over months now. This primer paint is an unusually thick, dry, chalky paint... but solid and stable and not powdery when dry. Its normally a base for working in Pastels but does well as a mixed media substance and for painting direct on paper or canvas.

The grey is based on the colour of a gum tree... australian grey.... very apt.

Working on heavy watercolour paper was just perfect for this experiment with these paints... I've  used them before but more in conjunction with other media. Excuse the photo... it does give a sense of the work though.

I have many more photos of subsequent work... yet to download. I'll be back with those images.

Best wishes all,


Anonymous said...

time to be busy doing and...
then you have some good stuff to blog about.

works for me.

Sophie Munns said...
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Sophie Munns said...

Indeed a smart plan Nance!

Though i used to do such a lost of thinking and formulating ideas here once upon a time!

Can miss that a bit!... and the conversations that grew out of it!