Friday, March 27, 2015

Announcing the ONLINE-STORE: SeedArtLab Studio@BigCartel

Well... its rather late ... and a peaceful night it is here.

Can't believe how long it took me to get my head around setting up an Online shop. First the thinking, then the research and looking, then more thinking, gradually the site-building and finally some lessons here and there and a crescendo of activity and wa la! Its Up!

Glad to say its getting easier and more familiar as I go... its been 9 days since I quietly launched the venture.

I decided on Big Cartel for my ONLINE STORE: . Gradually adding stock... a few smaller original works on paper and mostly Archival Quality prints. I have offered Limited edition prints for some time now... but the platform for selling Overseas was a necessity.

I've sorted out a square format for small prints... something affordable for purchasing with modest shipping costs seemed a good idea. I've long been drawn to squares... and circles.

20 SMALL PRINTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE: As a Special offer... before Easter Monday, APRIL 6th, any of the 21cm sq Prints on beautiful Hahnemule Photo Rag 208 Gsm ~ cotton rag paper are avilable for a special price. Visit the ONLINE STORE: to see the current offer and the range posted in the last week or so.

Section of Orginal Artwork.

There are larger LIMITED EDITION prints up already... and as of today small prints that will be signed but sold as affordable works on Archival Photo Rag Paper. The print above is a section of a large Limited Edition print available on Paper or Stretched Canvas.

Limited Editions Series are signed, titled and numbered by the artist ... subsequently in a different price range as larger, high quality works. 

One of my passions is the element of water... pursued in my art-practice at various times, especially in the Newcastle years 2000-2008. I've accumulated many photos taken at Ocean Baths... particularly focusing on light & movement of water.

There are 5 prints as part of the special offer with this theme ... titled 'Water Quartet'.

I will gradually post up other Limited Edition works that are available. I've more images than time to post them online it would seem. Learning the process of writing to convey crucial info, supplying all the shipping and purchasing details takes time... and I am sure there will be some finessing to do yet.

My goal is to be sharing work from my studio through this new venture whilst I focus quite intensely on a quite involved 'Homage to the Seed' book that's been started ... a writing fund is a good thing indeed.

Best wishes everyone!