Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the studio

Basically experimenting with Lino at the moment ...

I just added a post at the Studio blog with lots of images. Trying to work in a painterly way means breaking with the rules!
So far i am concentrating on cutting seed capsule cross sections which I may then use in paintings... so working on the forms to find ones which might translate best into the way I'd like to use them!

Rushing to the next meeting.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A visit to Djumbunji Press

Last week Chris Stannard, Curator at Tanks Art Centre at the Botanic Gardens here in Cairns, suggested a visit to Djumbunji Press. Set up by Kick Arts in 2009. 

image found here

About Kick Arts:

KickArts Contemporary Arts is the leading contemporary visual arts organisation in regional Queensland and the most innovative in the state. Based in Cairns with a demographic encompassing Far North Queensland and extending into the remote and regional communities of Cape York and Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait), KickArts is dedicated to facilitating and promoting the contemporary arts and extending the experience and cultural life of northern Australians and more than 2 million annual visitors who come to Cairns.

This lead to a conversation with Elizabeth Hunter   Senior Printmaker, at Djumbunji Press .

I was very taken with her fine etching of wildflowers of Cape York, from drawings on trips north to work with various indigenous communities.

Earlier this year Elizabeth led a study tour to Florence revisiting the institution SACI where she taught in the 90's. 

Join Djumbunji  Press Senior Printmaker and Vice President of Inkmasters ELIZABETH HUNTER on a four-week tour of Italy, studying at Studion Art Centres International (SACI) situated in the heart of the historic city of Florence. SACI is housed in the Palazzo dei Cartelloni, a Baroque building in the city cente, a few steps away from  Michelangelo's Medici Chapel, the Laurentian Library and the bustle of the Mercato Centrale.  
SACI is one of the leading overseas institutions in the area of studio art, art history, art conservation, and design. Elizabeth taught printmaking at SACI from 1992-1999, and is keen to take artists to experience one of the worlds richest art , historic and cultural, living cities.
The summer term is 28 Jun-28 Jul. Visit or contact Elizabeth at Djumbunji Press 

Approaching Elizabeth whose work frequently involves collaborations with talented printmakers visiting Cairns, a program for indigenous artists undertaking year long residencies at the Press and in a variety of other contexts was humbling. She considered what I am doing and I returned next day to work on Lino on simple pieces I could take home and print.

Senior Printmaker Elizabeth Hunter helping a participant print a Collograph - Image here

About Djumbunji Press:   Djumbunji Press opened in March 2009, providing major cultural infrastructure for Cairns and Far North Queensland. With extensive printmaking facilities and experienced staff, Djumbunji Press offers artists across North Queensland the opportunity to develop their skills in printmaking to create new works of art.  The air-conditioned studio is set in a spacious open area on Greenslopes Street in the cultural precinct of North Cairns, opposite Centenary Lakes and the Cairns Botanical Gardens. Djumbjunji Press activities include: workshops from beginners to master classes in the studio and in remote communities; an open access studio for artists to print their own work; custom printing for artists who do not want to print their own work; and an Artist In Residence program.   KickArts Contemporary Arts commissions and publishes new fine art prints and professionally distributes these to commercial galleries, collectors, public institutions and online. KickArts also curates printmaking exhibitions for touring nationally and internationally.

Whilst there I conversed with last years resident artist Brian Robinson, whose recent exhibition Men and Gods also saw a stunning publication produced for the show.

Via here
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It was fascinating to discover that he was the artist behind a large artwork that's hanging in the residence where I am staying. I've wondered about the person behind this art work and was therefore very pleased for the chance to hear a little of his story. In fact this image (found here) shows the art work which is now at the house to the right of the artist.

It was slightly incongruous... sitting working on small line cuts in the company of Brian and Elizabeth... both exquisite printmakers indeed.

Where did I start?
Of course with a motif of that is central in my work...and most at home here in Cairns where I have already gathered Black Bean seed pods.

On the weekend I printed at home with these two lino-cuts and am planning to cut several small squares featuring cross-sections of seed capsules and then composing some mixed media works with them as starting points.

A small collection from last thursday.

Time to go... much work to be done around here.
    Wishing you all a good week!

Friday, September 21, 2012


I've had a wonderful day at the Botanic Gardens here in Cairns. Yesterday I spoke at a meeting of the gardeners and let them know I am on the look out for Rainforest fruits, pods, seed capsules and such and today at lunchtime I walked over to the staff precinct and collected what had been gleaned this morning. I was shown the propagating nurseries where I snapped away on the camera and will download later.

Visit the Homage blog to see photos later!

I have cut and past an excerpt below from Things magazine from the V & A Museum people. When I was an avid blogger (shame to admit other things waylay me these days more than I'd like... making my blogs less busy than they once were!) I came across Things Magazine and found more than enough to satisfy my love of the eclectic.

From Maps of Relief at things Magazine:

Relief maps of the Western Front at the Australian War Memorial. Related, 3D relief maps made at The Cutting Room, who have an impressive portfolio ofprojects / Seed Capsules, a tumblr by Sophie Munns / Why I secretly recorded my life / architectural photographer Grant Smith blogs about photographic freedom and other things / art by Anu Tuominen / ‘Someday All the Adults Will Die‘: Punk Graphics 1971 – 1984, an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery / illustration by Kate Fenley / Stupefaction, a music blog / the vinyl vs CDs vs mp3s vs cassettes debate rumbles on.

Relief maps of the Western Front at the Australian War Memorial.

Speaking of Maps....
Typographic literary map of San Francisco.
From Cartophile
I like Maps... so if you visit the Pinterest Board from my site you can see what I've pinned under 'Navigating'. 

Journal Cover Tutorial by Vikki Stewart of Sew Useful Designs
Click here
Time to sign off now...
Have a lovely weekend all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day Two: Cairns Residency!

Its wonderful weather in Cairns this week... 
I've decided to post at the Homage to the Seed blog on this residency which commenced with a early morning arrival at Cairns Airport yesterday  .... at 1am!  

Here are a few images (taken in June on the quick trip to see where I would spend this month!.) 

I will be getting abut on foot, bike and bus this month! The residency is next to the Botanic Gardens... so the perfect set up!

Out the back....

The downstairs studio which I can spread out in!

I'm going now to gather seeds and pods in the garden.. so be sure to visit the homage to the seed blog over the next month and I will pop in here when I can! 

S x

Friday, September 7, 2012

yes... new postcards!

a few new postcards and some older designs...

                        every now and then something calls for a new design...

And postcards are the go-to affordable, mini printed artwork that allows us to take something home. 

Every card has a story and is a loaded vessel of thought in a way... the back of each card contains relevant links so someone could, if they wanted, find you later ... or take a peek at one's blog or website.

Come and see me Saturday, Sept 8th if you want to pick up a selection of cards.... $2 ea or 3 for $5.  If you're in OZ I can post to you for a little extra.... let me know! 

Ha! I am still fund-raising for this next big project initiative up north... I'll start offering to sell the books off my shelves and god knows what next. I have been known to get retail-happy in the past and sell off presents for the family when admired by visitors to my studio. I was forgiven... my brother was keener on store bought than sister-made gifts!

See the post below (older)  for the news from an earlier posting tonight!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Run out of words...

From early morning till late tonight I have been typing.

I feel like I have run out of words... and yet there is still more to do. My mind seems to be really full of ideas today in between tasks I've been researching this and that and remembering things to do... sorting out spammed emails, attending to administrivia full on!

So... rather than ignore this poor blog any more I am putting these images up and suggesting for words you visit the Studio blog post to READ more WORDS  if you wish!

Meanwhile THIS SATURDAY, 8TH OF SEPTEMBER I'll be at my studio from 10 till if you want to pop in... buy some postcards and check out the studio specials on art work... come to Percolator and find me in my studio out the back on the left of the Gallery building!

I've got a fund-raising target I'm aiming for to cover the residency/exhibition costs for Cairns... so every postcard, work on paper or painting purchased helps with that fund 100%! 

Art Studio Sale

This images shows artwork painted for Cairns on the far wall and other works for sale... on canvas and paper on the table!

Back soon with more photos!