Sunday, September 21, 2014

A global moment to stand for something that matters...

Its been such a long time since I posted here...

Much has happened and most of it is reported on my Facebook Page or Instagram.

Tonight I wanted to take a moment to refer to the importance of the extraordinary mobilisation of  people all around the globe as preparations have been made for the Peoples Climate March ... 

Everyone is invited to participate and to even make their own event... a great idea if its too far or not possible for people to attend.

I decided to make a tribute to my newly born great niece Emmy-Lou... there are her beautiful little hands. She came into the world on August 3rd... born to my niece Lara and her husband Dwight.

Here I am below siting in a cafe on a recent trip up the coast to meet Miss Emmy-Lou! I also have three little great nephews ... all of whom I'm delighted to spend time when I can...  enjoying the precious years of their childhood.

Tomorrow taking to time to stand up and show support for the acutely critical matter of Climate-related matters seems SO essential ... especially where children are concerned. 

They are brought into this world unknowing and their inheritance now is an extremely vulnerable one. I've heard many my age say they don't believe in or wish to think about climate change... but for the sake of our children I would argue it's compulsory. 

Denial at this point is grossly disrespectful of consequences already clearly mapped... and my concern is about giving young people the language, concepts, empowerment and support to be able to face the future with as much eagerness and resilience as possible rather than with fear and loathing and or denial!

This 5 week old child is in the arms of loving parents who are blessed to live in a country with resources and opportunity... but this we cannot take for granted... nor should we be blind to what is happening elsewhere and how things are for others.

I hope that millions take time to rally tomorrow. to observe this mobilisation and in whatever way possible support it and discuss it.

For the sake of everything we consider precious may we find a way to preserve, celebrate and fight for the continuity of what is for the good of all peoples on this planet!