Thursday, August 29, 2013

photos from a special weekend!

Its not often that I post something like this... but when you have just one niece who is without doubt an absolute darling and she happens to wed her beloved in the most magical of circumstances then you will have to forgive me for being an indulgent aunt on this remarkable occasion!

These adorable young boys, aged between 7 and 2, played an important role in a beautiful country afternoon wedding. They walked ahead of the bride into the village hall which was specially decked out for the ceremony. Here they were waiting for the bride to arrive!

The hall was like so many I remember from my own country childhood... wooden floors so well suited to those frequent dance evenings! Love the red curtain backdrop which featured a garland made of sheet music of romantic songs from the 1920's, 30's and 40's... just perfect for this musical couple Lara and Dwight.

Lara's uncle reads a poem.

The atmosphere here was just delightful... all who travelled from the city seemed to particularly enjoy the ambience! The mood was set for a wonderful occasion and afternoon tea was served after the wedding ceremony! Raspberry jelly lamingtons and cucumber sandwiches were just the thing! 

The afternoon started with the 2pm wedding and by 5pm we made our way down a scenic country drive to the home of my nephew Tristan and his wife Renee set on small acreage in a quiet well-treed valley on a ridge looking over to the coast.

Peeking out from under the gorgeous dress are the boots Lara wore... so perfect for the dusty road and grassy walk to the reception area.

I had to snap her running down the road to talk to some people passing by she knew!

Being among the tall Eucalyptus trees just felt so right for this celebration day!

The afternoon light was stunning...

... and the scene was set with the band that Dwight plays in professionally... on stage waiting to greet us as we arrived!

The setting was an old Banana Packing Shed from a time when the land was farmed... a huge old shed with great timber logs for its structure and corrugated iron for roof and walls. For a few months Tristan and his Dad Robert and various others laboured to restore it into a weatherproof and safe site for this special event! It was finished off with curtains made from hession and repurposed old carpet turned over to reveal the hession under-layer.

My sister Jan spent months with notepad and pen with a small but enthusiastic team working through every possible detail which resulted in a spectacular day from beginning to end. The amount of creativity in every part of this venture was evident to all... so little was outsourced ... instead created from scratch wherever possible.

I found myself musing over this gorgeous building and the decor thinking what a stunning site it would make for all kinds of events ... and fantasising about what a great studio it would make! Its rustic form was brought to life with candles and fairy lights strung up everywhere.

The late afternoon sun bathed everything in the most beautiful light and allowed everyone to enjoy the view and notice every detail in the setting. My iPhone images don't really show it at its best.

I was utterly charmed and felt myself to be in some beautiful dream in an idealic spot! 

Later that night after speeches and dinner it was time for the cutting of the cake...

Cupcakes that is... in all kinds of scrumptious flavours!

The bridal bouquet was filled with beautifully scented flowers...

the stage setting

where the bride sang the most stunning rendition of a favourite song of her beloved's ... we were all mesmerised as the moon was rising over the old shed and her voice travelled out into the night!

All I can say is what a beautiful hand-crafted event this was ...every tiny and large gesture added up to make it a most glorious day that wrapped everyone in the mood of joy and celebration!

What more can add than to wish them a truly well-lived life of love, good health, prosperity and creativity! And to say a huge BRAVO to all who participated in making this day so joyful! You did good!
S x

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

that other kind of painting!

Some pics...
     from my new home. 

Finally moved here a few weeks ago... BUT  still waiting for phone internet connection so have spent precious little time online.

In some ways its HUGELY annoying... in another ways not.

However.. I certainly miss popping in to visit online friends and blogs... so hello to anyone passing by here...  should be back in business soon!

This is my new studio...
     being painted at present ahead of delivery of some new things to fit it out ready for action.

Lovely to have an outdoor space for taking my morning coffee!

Dinner cooked for me here was delicious... enjoying fresh salads and fruit now back in my own home!

Last week gave this lecture to Interior Desgin Students at QUT as in Queensland University of Technology where I do sessional work from time to time. Love the people I work with here and always enjoy giving this lecture.

Gets me thinking further about all these ideas and concepts!

The other day I discovered a very odd thing... that my entire Photo library on my computer has distorted all images into wider format. Then I checked my various online sites and ditto. Have yet to visit the Apple store which is 5 mins from my new home. Hope there is a simple solution to this peculiar event.

Keen to rectify that situation as quickly as possible!

Best wishes to all,
Sophie x