Friday, May 25, 2012

head north west of here till you get to the Indian Ocean...

... and this is what you'll find!

so whats going on here now?

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Goolarabooloo and Lurujarri Heritage Trail

and here at the Global Mail where the story comes form the point of view of an English Lord who made Broome his second home for years.

catch up week!

Well this is supposed to be a catch-up week but its been as busy as recent weeks... even if in a different  way! I seem to have caught up with so many different threads of life here...its been intense but quite wonderful!

Even this photo is from ages ago...  I'm yet to photograph all the work I completed in time for the Exhibition last week. What a wonderful residency and show... can't say enough about the people I worked with... and the friday show brought familiar and new people along... all added up to being a wonderful day and memorable conversations!

Still to visit so many I love to keep connected with in the blogosphere.... but I had some lost sleep to catch up on and then suddenly things got busy again and I've just spent the past two days at QUT tutoring ... Wednesday First Year Architecture and today a guest spot presenting on the Journal Process with the First year Interior Design students.

The week has been taken up in conversations of every kind... saying goodbye at the Molecular Science Lab,  discussions re the coming months, catch-ups with various ones...and a meeting a friend's new baby girl!  

I did just put up a photo of some works down in April at the studio blog... but otherwise Ive been VERY quiet online this week! Think I overdid it last week fitting everything in and I have been finding quiet moments to do some stitching of pod forms on linen this week ... avoiding the computer as much as possible.

See you again soon I hope!
S x

Monday, May 14, 2012

You are invited... this Friday May 18!

All super busy here in the studio this week.

Pop over to the Homage blog to read all about this and if you're in Brisbane this Friday, May 18th and have some time up your sleeve between ten and four than please come and say hello!

Paintings and preparations are taking every waking moment.. there's only so much one can do with three weeks ... so its a pleasure to be offering a viewing ... considering the brevity of time! The warm hospitality of people at this wonderful place has been a delight and it'll be quite sad to say farewell.

Loved all the visits from new and familiar people of late... thanks all....have been a little tied up but looking forward to visiting you soon!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mark-making at Bunya

When I was told about a 4 day workshop at Bunya last year I had not heard of the visiting Canadian artist who would be leading this workshop. I picked up the message from the host that it was a not-to-be-missed event and gladly paid a deposit then preceded to get distracted with things till the call out came this year and I found online links. 

Nothing however could have prepared me for the 4 days of teaching I have just experienced at the home and garden of gracious host Roz who brought the wonderful Dorothy Caldwell to Brisbane to present her 'Human Marks' workshop.

I've assembled the following photos as a snapshot of the 4 days... but I will post more at the studio blog soon as I wish to link to Dorothy's work and also her friend from South Australia, India Flint, who was here as well and will be doing a workshop this week at Bunya plus a book talk at the Brisbane City Library on Friday evening at 5.30pm and a showing of her work next day at Bunya.

The first day was filled with lively mark-making processes...  some centred around the garden.

I was delighted to meet with various one's Ive met online or in person before as well as a number of new faces. The large works above were done in the garden with brushes on long sticks... free gestural works.

The one just above was by Tracy whom I took awhile to realise was a blogger I had been on contact with at Soewn Earth. I'd only known her as T from Tasmania...and this person at the workshop was Tracey from Western Australia... so I was seriously surprised to recognise her as T, find she had moved to WA and that of course I was already familiar with her wonderful work!

Dorothy Caldwell

I used this leaf for one of my tasks... loved the unusual shape.

Stitching was a big feature of the workshop and one I loved given it is all too rare I get to use a 
needle and thread these days despite having grown up surrounded by fabrics and threads.

making pages... 

tables full of book making materials

afternoon on the third day... a quiet but contented lot!

the first book I put together

last day... pages ready for the next book. This is a collection of pages from a number of the group.

Dorothy gave us presentations each day on the elements that 
make up her practice and the inspirations for our tasks.

Work above by the inspiring Imbi Davidson whom I've written about before... it was great to catch up again... above is her process for assembling her book. I'll be sure to post on her upcoming exhibition in a couple of months time.

I sat next to the inspiring Sandra... lover of all things textile, flamboyant, quirky etc good conversations flowed. Will be linking when S gets her blog up...! Note green sequins in her hand... looking forward to seeing much more from this talented woman!

Small books that were our first effort

so much inspiration from Dorothy and everyone in the group... 
14 people in all!

Kellie was so inspired by India's class some years back that she is now 
studying full time... this was her table above much good stuff going on!

below: pages from books...

The last 6 images are from Imbi's book... I wrote this 
post here on a painterly session with Imbi last year!

Dorothy Caldwell at the end of the 4 day workshop.

Shall pop back in with more links as promised...

If ever you get the opportunity for a workshop with Dorothy its an utterly unique opportunity for engaging in multi-dimensional thinking... I really loved that there was such depth in her approach...  incredibly warm, human and encouraging yet stretching nevertheless to consider many fresh ways of working. 

Her capacity to offer input was so subtle and yet significant... much to think on indeed. I am sure many who also attended have been musing today on what came form this hugely enriching 4 days. I'm also extremely grateful to Roz and family for the gift of excellent hospitality and organisation.... and I;m ever so glad to take away many rich memories and conversations to cherish!

Now back to painting Dna images for a few days... the fascinating thing was that I worked so much in black and white at the workshop... not unlike the graphic work of the previous week!

Hope your week is wonderful... deadline here so its a busy time for sure! If I am not managing to visit you will know that I am madly painting for the 18th of May!