Monday, August 2, 2010


some recent finds whilst out and about trawling..... first up Anja Mulder - at flickr

below: from Anna Pugh

below: from Feizuo in Bejing , China

Carved goose egg-Synthesis geometric pattern by Superman.Sculptor.

Seeds are utilised here by Kristina Johlige in her work...see more at her wonderful blog: smultronsplats

below: eavesdropping

below: from the blog of a friend of Kristina Johlige comes this photo.  Ieva's blog is called "dinge die ich mag" or 'things that I like'. Have a look also at this lovely blog... the 2 very talented artists have collborated for the photo below this interior....the hat was made als by Kristina. 

 from Sophie at The Fabulous Garlands whom I've posted on last year.

All of the images here came from links first discovered visiting the wonderful weblog: The Art Room Plant by Hazel Terry based in Edinburgh. Maybe whimsy is not the word that best describes each one of these images here...but it certainly describes my mood when trawling this evening!
I allowed whimsy to be my guide... after all the focus needed of late it is a sensational feeling to be free to float for a few let things take me away from general preoccupations. I found so much in a short space of time I felt keen to share...this is just for starters!
Good night ...i'm off to bed... early for once!


kjoto said...

oh, what a surprise...
happy, that you like it!
keep on floating :-)

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Kristina,
Im so delighted that you left a message. I adore your work very much...if you dont mind I will feature you on my homage to the seed the way you use seeds is quite extraordinary. I loved all the imagery of your work and the blog ....
and the fact I was so entranced - that was a treat after weeks and week of being on task!
best wishes,