Sunday, August 29, 2010

friday, saturday, sunday...

Lovely weather here at the moment...a bit of a chill in the air at times...but ... its mostly sunny and one feels like making the most of it!  Friday I wandered over to this gorgeous part of the place I currently work at some of my time. Click here to see more of this magic!

lily-pond at Mt Coot-tha

What's sad to note its that sometimes one can be so busy, so on the go with tasks and deadlines that it would not matter where you worked... such is the level of preoccupation! Having a settled studio space that's large enough to move around in and separate from my computer and other work is making the world of difference just now. Many things have become more possible. The sun is indeed shining!

the spring-cleaned studio blog

I realised on Saturday that I had neglected my studio blog for far too long and made a point of tidying up over here. A little interior decorating, scrubbing, polishing and a good airing gave this forlorn blog a new lease of life ... so it is ready for visitors. could keep finessing forever... but I discovered my ambitions were greater that my ability to manipulate blogger gadgetry I had to make do at a certain point. As I was stuffing around I kept thinking of different bloggy friends who would have answers to my queries... I know this because of the gadgets that work on your blogs.... things that I really should be able to figure out but haven't!
such is life...

As for Sunday...

reading room over the Brisbane River
I needed to do some serious thinking and work on a project and home was not the spot for that I decided.
The State Library I'd not been to in ages... so off I went in the early afternoon to find a quiet alcove to claim as my own ... where I could settle and write. I looked high and and I searched low but all the many wonderful alcoves in this extraordinary Library were taken by people who love it as much as I. I've posted on this place before... do have a look here... its wonderful!

the most perfect hidden spot

When I eventually found my perfect spot I discovered I'd left the important papers at home. I was almost annoyed with myself until I thought... how nice it was to be here and I'll be back... just not on a Sunday when everyone comes!
Actually I will be back... next week is the Brisbane Writers Festival and this is the building where it is held... well mostly out on the grass in marquees and in tiered dark auditoriums!

Oh...I just realised I skipped telling the part about tennis today . No photos of that... never will be I promise. It must be said I do quite like getting out on the local school court for casual hit of tennis (casual being the operative word) ...especially in this weather without the dreaded humidity.

well it was a lovely few days... do have a great week all of you out there... see you,


dosfishes said...

That reading room over the river is spectacular. I like seeing all your work on the walls in the studio archive blog, there is such a cohesive feel to the display it is definitely more than the sum of it's parts, lovely synergy of seeds...xox Corrine

Gwen Buchanan said...

Wow, what a lush beautiful exotic part of the world you live in.. Gorgeous!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a great tour...thank you. I love the pond and could easily spend time there as well as the library...those spaces just cry out for writing and researching and gathering ones work...time just flying by in the best way. Your weather looks fine as we are both entering a new season...yours spring and here autumn. Have a lovely week!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Corrine,
I was struck dumb the first tim i saw that reading room... the entire building is filled with such unexpected marvels... the architects never got is so right with a public building from my point of view as a frequent user....and especially for a library.

If there was ever a question of could an architect design a buildling that made human beings better people i would say it is this one. Never have I been in a building that made people feel so welcome, so included, and so at peace.Inotice this each time I'm there. There's a hush that comes from people happy to do so... respectful of each others space. Every nationality can be seen here...

Thank you for your warm comments re the revamped studio blog. Lovely to have you visit!
S xo

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Gwen,
I guess the contrast to your part of the world is significant .Yes it is lush here and similar to my growing up years - soo the green is very pleasing. However ... colder climate people paradoxically seem often more industrious year round I've thought... rightly or wrongly. Wonder what you think?
Loved reading about your amazing construction.
Thanks for popping in!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Maryanne,
Glad to find you've popped in this morning!... getting out with camera again...will have to lap up the next while of perfect temps and make the very most of it.
Never have I seen so much snow as last northern hemisphere winter blogger's posts... it makes you so aware of where everyone is on the globe... the seasons and such.
Its good to have these places o reverie and calm...
you have a good week too over there!

Leanne said...

Hi Sophie! So glad you are finding some *living in the moment* time...slowing down...indulging yourself. Your forgetfulness must have been another reminder. Enjoy the writers festival! Such a great venue for that of course and what a great atmosphere it will all bring.
So good to catch up on your happenings here.
xx Leanne

Sophie Munns said...

So good to hear from you Leanne!
Yes... forgetting things can be a godsend really... last night 3 exchanges acheived far more towards sorting out the agenda at hand than any alone time would have done.
The perfect reminder of 'enabling' a process instead of forcing one!
Looking forward to hearing more on what you are creating, growing, cooking!
bye for now,

Robyn said...

What a great weekend.... Have a great week too :)

Nevin said...


Sophie Munns said...

And you too Robyn,
nice to hear from you!

Sweet comment Nevin!

ArtPropelled said...

I hear you on the larger studio space .... enough to be able to move around in. Something I am wishing for especially when the summer heat or rain showers keep me from working outside. Gorgeous images in this post Sophie..... the pods on handwritten notes and the lily-pond. Amazed at the reading room overlooking the river. Wow! What a place to work. Followed the link to your Feb post. No wonder you could spend hours there.

Sophie Munns said...

Ah yes...sculpture outside in summer... in rain .... not good Robyn!
You must be used to working in such an organised fashion to keep things on hand...and be able to manage 3D work.
Thanks for the lovely comments...I've walked past that pond quite a number of times...yet the other day it took my breathe away!
As for the Library... its such a gift to the people of this city.... dont think Ive ever felt quite so convinced of that with a public building before... And each time I go in to spend a little time Im just as impressed as the first time. Good working...
see you,