Friday, August 6, 2010

pondering what's come before in order to move on...

I found a series of work I've not looked at properly for a long while... Clean white walls offer the perfect chance to reconsider things I may or may to want to leave behind. T read more about this go to the next post!

close up

close up


Janis said...

Yes, I understand this process very well. Good to step back and ponder the direction from time to time. May I say again that I deeply love your work? I do feel a connection with it... xoxo, j.

blue china studio said...

I always find it so interesting to see where I started and where I have gone since. Older work sometimes looks so fresh and you see a different path you can take it.

Love these two "plaids". The black adds lots of pop to the second one.

Mlle Paradis said...

lovely! i think plaids (what we call them, i know not why, here in the u.s.) are a way to have a wonderful visual discussion about what or what is not important.

am i making any sense here? that's just what struck me!

La Dolce Vita said...

taking stock, yes, I am right there with you... where do i go from here?? xox

Sophie Munns said...

Janis... Jacylin ... MP...
It would be so good to have your company in my studio and to learn from you what you see.... fresh seeing is so vital and so enervating.
The plaids...we call then that too ... linger. These ones
are done in heavily applied oil pastel... with the overlaying of colours providing the interesting colour gradations.
As so often with my work I want the 'clumsy' line to be dominant - the tension from the not quite perfect, not quite predictable composition.
In engineering and architecture give me accutely ordered structural processes - but in relation to art I must say that the work of some of the extraordinary indigenous painters of this country with their animated line speaks more loudly to me that the weight of the european sensibility to fine art. I feel awe and respect for the great European legacy but Im restless and dont stay with it long. It can feel suffocating... and tedious....even with its sheer magnificence.
The bottom plaid is inspired by a 1960s beach towel of wonderful quality that I still have in my studio.
I work a lot of ideas out on paper like this...and dont develop them into larger works as I dont want to add framing costs to producing the work. Applying it to canvas works with certain ideas of course.
It feels like a a bit of time in the laboratory for ideas to cook is not a bad thing at this point. Pausing to take in work from previous times and see what can be married with current concerns and ideas... I have the next months to paint fairly uninterupted now. The first 5 months I threw myself into establishing the project at the gardens and in the public I want to make the painting the priority - especially with such an ideal space provided!
Janis...knowing how you see the world and that you can appreciate what I do is such a gift...thank you for your words.
Jacylin...Its been lovely getting to know you of late and share things about the process... thanks for your feedback.
MP... you are an intuitive who often forms thoughts that make much sense to me... as does your way of seeing. What amazes me is how certain images like these plaids wont go away, quieten down and disappear from my memory. Even when they dont relate to current work I find that they have to be there... be considered ...try and speak to me... until I can hear them.
That confounding part of my own process seems to make sense to you...thats is great...appreciate your comments.
its friday morning here...have a great weekend all of you!

Sophie Munns said...

your comment came in whilst I was writing this last comment.
best wishes with what you find comes to meet you!
S xo

Quase Blog da Li said...

It's always good to review what occurred. This is an amazing exercise.
His work is incredibly beautiful.
nice to know,

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Li,
lovely to hear from you... from Brazil...had a quick visit to your first alarmed I do not speak/read portuguese....then saw I could translate....
Very interesting to see what you are doing and working on.
Thank you for a very lovely message and look forward to visiting you again!
best wishes,

Anonymous said...

it must be like letting them "cook" for a while, simmer there on the wall until the tell you what they want to be next..

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Denise,
I just visited Grrl + dog and WOW.... what a brilliant post. Good on you....very interesting to read about the huge talk fest you attended... rather wished i was there.
Yeah...these lingering images that have not yet been done with... somethings cooking denise...eeven if it is hugely elusive at times.

Altoon Sultan said...

hi Sophie, I belatedly would like to say that the quality of light in the "plaid" paintings is very beautiful, with a glow shining through the light values.
(did you add the bottom close-ups? because I don't remember seeing them when first looking at the post. I feel much more able to see the works separated out.)

Sophie Munns said...

I have confused things Altoon... I published the large image first at my studio blog....
So I thought I'd post these 2 images... one with the works up closer at this blog. In fact i should separate the images again!
Im very delighted you took time to write a comment - as you no doubt read I have these and other images from a few years ago that I had packed away for the relocation and then really not looked at again till now.
With this wonderful studio the desire is there to really sift very carefully through material that doesn't feel done with.....looking for the elements that are key.
Thanks for your thoughts,

Grey Lemon said...

Beautiful artwork! Your studio looks great, I'd love to come and visit!
Will start by visiting your blogs... so much to discover!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Grey Lemon,
it was such a pleasure to discover your blog... thanks for warm comment...will be back to see what you are doing for sure!