Monday, August 2, 2010

good news for dear ada fans...

After almost 5 years and 3,100 posts or so.... dear ada decided it was time for a new chapter.... and signed off on this magnificant  weblog. 84 comments later (to date) I just noticed there's been a decision to publish photos on a tumbltr site. This is good news for followers if you dont know this blog do take a peek and if yur keen to  see the new (abrieviated and less frequent) site go to the tumblr version of dear ada.

screenprints from birdie (dear ada) - found at birdie's flickr site:

DSC07110.JPG by birdie pictures.

flickr - from industrial beauty set

DSC06601.JPG by birdie pictures.

pale L.A. set

DSC03276.JPG by birdie pictures.

found at dear ada blog:

Mogu Takahashi

Found at the tumblr site: Josh Blackwell - Plastic Baskets. It is a must to go see this extraordinary collection...for their pure inventiveness...and patterns employed.

                                         Plastic Baskets : JOSH BLACKWELL

From the website archives:

Loren (XXL)

Dots Speak Dots 2005

Dice Roll 2004

Love handles 2004


La Dolce Vita said...

well, guess I missed out ! never heard of dear ada! but the work you have featured is wonderfully expressive!
hope you are doing well Soph, my summer is coming to a close, but I am not ready for snow and ice!! still basking in heat for a bit!! xx's

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Cat,
lovely to hear from you! Is summer really coming to an end? That cant be.... it seems to last a very long time here!
Dear Ada was a great site for visual artists to be introduced to a lot of different ways orf seeing and working. I think a lot of people enjoyed it for the way that you would be introduced to the pure visual experience...not articles, thoughts and writing... the freshest sensation of the visual.
Not of everyone... but interestingly diverse...!
talk soon,
Sophie xo