Sunday, August 8, 2010

a grrl and her dog

...a little story ( in images) about a grrl with a dog which I think you will love if you dont already know her!

grrl with hallowig

dog with hat

tea and scones?

not just knitting... love this felt disc jewellery!

ok... now that you are here I think its time for you to jump over to Denise's wonderful blog grrl + dog so that you can read the latest post Hot House Symposium which I very much enjoyed reading...
a wee quote form the grrl herself:
Enter the artists.
As visioners of alternate futures,
artists have a precedent as the "go to" people
in times of crisis when new ideas
and solutions are needed.

She tells a great story about a project by a group of English ladies - this photo is featured in that story.

Ive been away this weekend and enjoyed a slow couple of days mostly spent conversing about the kinds of changes afoot in our personal lives and communities near and far - coming home tonight I was delighted to hear from denise and this prompted a visit to her blog and the thought to have you visit and read what she has to say on her recent experiences. All images are credited to Denise Litchfield. Visit her website here.

Liked this image below of our grrl on radio....


nathalie et cetera said...

this post puts a smile on my face. love the hair rolls on the pink "wig"!

Sophie Munns said...

Totally wonderful this pink wig isn't it! Glad that brightened your day...
Have a great week Nathalie!

La Dolce Vita said...

yea to going slow, me too, and it feels good doesn't it, if we were closer we could sit and have a cuppa, I am slowly working a swap with another artist and it feels so great not to have to rush.
love this blog you have featured, she is quite a character... with a great sense of humor!
ciao bella! xo

Anonymous said...

Why not wear that pink hat when it is bitter cold outside and bring some fun to a chilling experience!

Nice post Sophie!


Sophie Munns said...

Yes...cuppa would be great Caterina!
Slow times are a must I think after the feeling one has spent all there is to spend for a bit. The swap sounds interesting.
What I think I appreciate about this featured artist is the fact she reminds me of a certain irreverant atmosphere that used to be more dominant around artists pre the template that kicked in sometimes in the 90's where at times it was difficult to identify the artist from the advertising executive or real estate broker.
This might have lead to pride that one could equal other vocations for money making potential and professionalism but it also allowed for some phony and empty gestures to get onto the stage.
Denise's approach is very refreshing and a reminder
of other factors at play in the realm of art.
Enjoy your go slow time Cat... thanks for popping in!
Sophia xox

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Mary,
You've been very busy bee of late...thanks for stopping in!

Robyn said...

I'm already a big fan... she's very inspiring and I'm glad that she's one of ours :)

thanks for sharing

best wishes

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Robyn,
I thought you were a fan... and she is pretty fabulous I agree...
lovely to hear from you..