Monday, August 2, 2010

love my tartans...

Still on the nostalgia theme of the previous post... here's some unearthed and sadly knocked around photos on a tartan theme... have always been fond of tartans despite not having any Scottish heritage.
I must say that Saturday celebrations were absolutely wonderful ... Sunday was a series of visits from people on route to the airport - breakfast, brunch, lunch, whatever ...wonderful moments with 
loved ones. Many thanks to those who left the greetings to the birthday girl... much appreciated!
Some tired little bunnies around these parts I can say... photos will be posted soon .... but very low key day here today!!!

The much loved picnic rug that was well utilised through-out childhood. Loved seeing that come out of the cupboard! A signal to adventure...our family picnics weren't in green parks with flower beds, but in out of the way country areas where fences were jumped and riverbeds and creeks were sought as destinations. No 4WD for our off road adventures... my father was daring!

The tartan overalls... and do note ... I am sitting in front of a magazine rack with country life and house and garden magazines and the telephone for company. I did start young with my interest in both communications and the magazine format ... bringing me to where I am at this blog today!

All photos from 1959... heres a cousin Ruth and my mother Olivia...on the bridge at one of our river picnic spots.
well... so much has been happening over these past 2 months in particular. Many deadlines and I must say I feel the need for a change of pace. On that front I have good news... more on that soon!
But...I do apologise for being not out there in the blogosphere visiting all the blogs I love to touch base with. I really value my interactions in this realm very much... but as all of you know sometimes things demand our focus elsewhere for a bit... ! I shall return!


Mlle Paradis said...

Sophie - glad to hear it was a nice time! The tartan series was a delight and the shot with the phone and magazines, PRICELESS! If you ever do ANOTHER blog, that photo will do quite nicely as a header.

Rest up, take it easy, chill out, see you soon!

Sophie Munns said...

Great idea MP!
I was very chuffed to find this photo some years back for the first time... it seemed to point in some ominous direction. Well I read something into it.
When you did that amazing post a few months(?) ago about your magazine collections I felt very at home... having been foolish/savvy enough to save rather a lot of magazines myself and to have continued to dip into them across time.
Im reminded to think a bit more about tartans ...mind you...the sub-tropics are not a good place to actually wear tartan anything really!
However a tartan rug would be good today after 3 days of 28 degree C weather in the midst of winter its decided to drop back to a rather chilly temp today... Im freezing! Got to go rug up!
Thanks fot great comments...
S x

Janis said...

I want to jump into your childhood photos - there is such joy there!

So glad the celebration went well. So much work, so much excitement, so much socializing... pampering and R&R is next for you :^)

A change! I am with you there - life seems all about change right now. Something must be in the air and I like it! xoxo, take care this week Sophie ...

Four Seasons in a Life said...

My dear friend Sophie,

I am so delighted to be here this evening and to be reading of your childhood, especially seeing these very precious childhood photographs, no matter what condition they are in.

Looking at these images I feel that not only I am closer to you but so are those who have come for a visit.

Now I shall be off to read your previous post, like reading a book backwards.

Wishing you a wonderful start tot he new week,

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Janis,
takes you back looking at when you were just a tot!
yes...I'm inspired after seeing R & R - Janis and Daniel style - after visiting over your way this morning!
Ready for it I will admit... have spent over 4 good hours in front of television just now ... under a big doona... dozing and waking - just wonderful! Cant remember the last time I did that! Maybe the movies tonight?
Fingers crossed for you....cant wait to see the next chapter coming your way!
Sophie xox

Sophie Munns said...

That's sweet Egmont,
lovely to hear from you today.... to read your charming thoughts and have your good wishes... thank you!
All 3 of you who've visited come from the other side of the big pond we Australians call the Pacific Ocean....and all of you in California! Makes me very curious to go there again....thought I did once spend 8 days in San Francisco!
Have a very good week and look forward to hearing your news!
Sophie x

blue china studio said...

Oh such wonderful "tartan" photos. Your family picnics sound so wonderful and rather romantic. And I just love the last picture. So happy.

Glad the festivities went well and were fun.

Change seems to be a theme in my life as well. Good luck with it and can't wait to hear more.

Sophie Munns said...

hello Jacilyn,
my whimsical posting on these early photos was quite fun... the middle image make me look as though I didnt know whether to laugh, cry or whatever....
and as you say the last one is definitely happy!
Change... it comes around quite often for some of us...I am practised at dealing with change but that does not always make one feel motivated...just because you can do it and know what it entails...And yet embracing change s a real gift to ourselves as it allows for a far more fluid pathways thought life that s for sure.
Navigating change...there is a lot to be said for getting pne head around that..easier said than done!
best to you,
Sophie x