Tuesday, August 3, 2010

all lit up...

Turning 80 requires a memorable cake... and so it was when pastry chef friend Vanda arrived pre-party with her best creation for the very excited Olivia...

...who loved the fact her birthday cake was a strikingly large cappuccino in a very pretty floral cup which had people lining up to view. As we'd already dined on a wonderfully rich dark chocolate flan nobody was urging for the cake to be cut...instead it was posed with for many a photo and taken home for next day indulgence!

...inside was a wonderful italian style trifle - Sunday visitors were the lucky one's to try the birthday cake! Half was saved for a special tea party tomorrow ...at 80 one must definitely make one's party last a few days!

Olivia at dinner describing the size of her cake perhaps?

A beautiful book on the artisans behind the scenes at the Moscow State Circus - a gift from a lovely friend. The most appreciated gift of all was the attendance of her friends and family ... all of whom made it such a memorable evening!

My mother belongs to the generation who has offered without question a lot of community service and
neighbourliness. The evening celebrated all these layers of involvement with others and was a heartwarming and delightful occasion. It was great to see people showing their affection from different parts of her long, well-lived life.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Lovely glow from both cake and birthday girl, Olivia! I know so many 80+ people that are active and taking life on in a lively manner...80 is the new 70?!

blue china studio said...

So wonderful. Your mother appears to be radiating happiness.

And that teacup cake is spectacular!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Maryanne,
I shall pass on your very lovely comments...yes... I agree many her generation are doing very well - thanks for popping in!

HI Jacilyn,
It was lovely to see how engaged so many were with this beautiful cake... Olivia has quite a few friends in different places who like to meet up for coffee, cake and a chat - so this brought quite a lot of delight from that audience and others who lined up to have photos taken.
She was definitely in her element and loved the whole evening very much - just as we hoped!!
Thank your for wonderful comments,

Mlle Paradis said...

Bravo for Mum! Bravo for the cake and the cake baker! (mmmm tiramisu insides yes please!)! Bravo for the Party Giver and Organizer and the Blogger who let's us share in a delightful evening! xoxo

Sophie Munns said...

...and bravo for the well wishing bloggers who always bring that little extra energy boost to one's morale and light-heartedness to keep one on track...
...not tiramisu but an italian style trifle...very delish!
Mum loved hearing your comments MP!
Sophie xox

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Sophie,

I love seeing these photographs of your mum smiling from cheek to cheek.

The cake not only looks fantastic but your description of it has my mouth watering and wanting a morsel taste, as I am very partial to cappuccino.

I am glad you and your friends did this for your mum's benchmark birthday.

Warmest regards,

DragonflyLanternshop said...

Wow!!! Your mother looks amazing.
So does the cake too :-)
Happy 80th!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Egmont,
It was an important birthday this one... and yes.. you are right - it was the one to make the fuss over.
The house is filled with flowers and cards and more have come each day... so happy times for Olivia ...and so lovely to see people making it a special time all round.
Cake was good...tasted it again today.... the tennis girls came for another celebration this morning with the birthday girl.
well... now I have to think up the next special thing...I was too busy preparing for the party the party to find a gift... so that will add some more festivity to the week...a belated gift!
best wishes to you!

nathalie et cetera said...

she is 80?!!!! wow! I wish I look this good when I reach that age. The cake looks wonderful!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Karen,
so sweet of you... shall be sure to pass on your message!

Hi Nathalie,
Playing tennis twice a week and singing - Olivia swears that singing makes her feel good and keeps her positive... interesting thought...
thanks for the sweet comments,