Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A painter celebrates inner Brisbane

Jan Jorgensen: 'Hidden treasures in Paddington, Hazelwood St'

Jan Jorgensen has been inspired to paint her city for many years now. I just received an email invite to attend the opening of this artist's show on Saturday July 4th at a rather fascinating Gallery called KILN based at 'the iconic old Paddington tram substation, a local landmark' in this inner city suburb of wonderful timber homes perched (some precariously) amidst lush vegetation and steep hills running off in every direction. Its an artist's delight to wander around gazing at the views of Paddington and other similar suburbs. A long and very winding road snakes up along the ridge starting right on the edge of the CBD and is dotted here and there with cafes, fine book shops, boutiques and even an antique emporium. Its a curious streetscape that sees commercial shopfronts and domestic dwellings huddled together...but this in itself is part of the charm!
I love that it is a truly australian version of inner city suburb...with buildings that sit well and gracefully in the climate...and look very much at home here. Three images from the artist's exhibition I have included here for the reason that they capture so beautifully the particular light and feeling of this part of the city. For anyone who has never been to brisbane they offer something of the atmosphere that still exists here even though of course the architecture is changing and the way people choose to live also is in flux. Certainly this is a part of Brisbane that always enchanted me.
Kiln also has a blog here and hosts a monthly Chamber Music event with resident ensemble The Brisbane chamber Collective. read more on their website here.

Mario's place, Spring Hill, Hl St  Oil on canvas  100 x 75

Fancy Footwork, Paddington   Oil on Belgian Linen   50 x 50 cm

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