Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alice from: we gathered in spring is where you can find the wonderful work of Alice Stevenson, a British freelance Illustrator who graduated in 2005 and has been in demand ever since. Alice kindly offered to allow me to post her work here. (Thank you Alice!)  I looked at her website as well as blog for these images below. Her commission work has been various as are her ideas and images. The colour story is very strong and I enjoyed seeing the plant and figurative forms shifting in and out of abstraction with layered compositions and pattern creating interest. last works are drawings from the blog whereas some earlier work is for commissioned projects.


janis said...

She is great! love the layers of flat color combined with the interesting lettering. Wonderful... Thanks!

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you Janis! I showed my class of 11 year old girls your drawings on your gorgeous blog this week and they loved it!!!!
The way Alice creates the comissioned works is most interesting I agree. The image for Stella magazine intrigues me and the one under it...there is something so familiar on the one hand about her imagery and yet the way it is put together feels very unique...a lovely rearrangement of elements into something new.
I am coming up against a few things I need to spend time altering on my blog. When I have done that I would love to feature you on a post...which I meant to do last week. A few late nights, getting distracted etc!
best wishes, Sophie