Sunday, June 7, 2009

Geninne's Art Blog:

Geninne is a freelance illustrator/ designer 'living at 9842 feet above sea level' in Mexico combining family life with her home studio work. I just had a lovely correspondance with Geninne where she generously said yes to my showcasing some images from her colourful life and studio in Mexico on this post.
Last year I spent time pouring over two different recent  publications on Australian artists in their studios that came out around the same time. Enormously inspiring and insightful books both!! This whole other dimension of an individual's working life brings so much more to the process of viewing their work. To glimpse and ponder the precise measure of order or chaos that is part of the artist's particular eco-system, see evidence of inspiration lying around- or carefully placed- so much may be revealed from merely contemplating such images. Even when I am considering the artwork of a particular artist from that most subjective of viewpoints...whether I really like it, love it or not... I can always sense and generally appreciate so much more about the thinking and feeling behind the work after seeing more intimately into the artist's cosmos.
I think I am a little in awe of the order in Geninne's world...but I did notice she had a hammock in her living room...and that says to me ...this is a woman who can be really at home in her home. Loved the hammock! I also appreciate the fact that illustration- working small,  doing very fine work in various mediums - no doubt dictates a certain ammount of order to be brought to bear on the working space. The entire home is an art form generated by two energetic creative people...Thank you for the inspiration Geninne and Manolo!


rocks painted by Gennine

Gorgeous bathroom floor


Geninne and her architect, furniture designer husband Manolo  built their house themselves with many extra pieces by Manolo for the interior.

this furniture, by Manolo I suspect, looks fabulous!

the living room

handmade by geninne for her son's birthday

the spare appealing!

the after-the-clean-up photo of the work desk

a terrarium in the studio

vacation photos

For Margie

in the studio

hand carved stamps

sunday market shopping

the local post office

breakfast at home-  organic No-Knead bread and organic homemade butter.

Geninne's "little bits of nature" book  5" x 5"..9 0riginal watercolours


Geninne's work is for sale on Etsy


stephanie levy said...

Geninne's artwork, studio, house, everything is so beautiful and inspiring in her world. Great post!

Sophie Munns said...

I know what you mean Stephanie...when I had finally finished collating the post and sat back to view it as if for the first time I realised just how cohesive and intentional her/their vision is...particularly as they seemed to have built and moved into this home quite recently and that has brought it all together no doubt.
I liked seeing the handmade gift for her son, the loaf of baked bread, even the appreciate the artfulness that is practiced daily.
I think this way of being has been so trampled on in recent years, by a great many complex factors...and not all negative for sure...BUT this organic and cohesive sense of the whole is quite affecting...and no doubt we can make shifts in our own world towards that in small ways if we feel something missing.
At this time when we are trying to address eco-sustainability the coherency evident in this post reminds me of important foundations of well being transcendant of financial capacity. You know it when you see it... the most humble abode can have that care and attention for the luminosity of the everyday brought to it!
Thanks for the comment stephanie!

laure said...

This is great! I'd love to post it on apartment therapy. Is that ok with you?

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Laure,
I've emailed you to thank you for your interest and simply ask if you can credit the article to me at my bloglink.

Much appreciation,

suzi poland said...

Sophie, this is a lovely post about a creative soul who shares a love of architecture, design, nature, art and beauty in many forms thank you. I can see why you too love her work.