Wednesday, June 17, 2009

books--illustrations--science--history--visual--Materia Obscura--eclectic bookart.   From a post on 9th June,  titled  Antipodean Fantasy :  Random Australiana

Australian Fantasy 019

 'the beauty of the garden took her breath away' by Pixie O'Harris in "Pearl pinkie and the Sea Greenie' (1935)

Australian Fantasy 020

"I will not have Cow-fish in my garden" by Pixie O'Harris from the same book as above.

Australian Fantasy 006

Cover image of "the Lone hand" (1909) by DH Souter The Lone Hand began as an ambitious project, an Australian magazine of broad scope and high quality, by the standards of the time.

Australian Fantasy 016

This May Gibbs poster was for the first Infant Welfare campaign by the NSW Health Dept (before 1920)

Australian Fantasy 004

Magazine cover by May Gibbs (1914)

Australian Fantasy 017

"The Florist Shop" by Margaret Clark ( mid 1920's)
On this wonderful weblog you can read more on the illustrators from the 'Golden Age' of Australian book illustration, particularly in the 'fantasy' genre. If this is of interest it will be worth the step of looking up  to find out more.

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