Monday, June 1, 2009 : Stephan van den Burg

This weblog is the artist Stephan van der Berg's postings of 'drawings, scribbles, notes with some paintings and mostly modern and contemporary artists'. It is quite a pleasure to trawl such a site and simultaneously note which ones really stand out, one's own personal favourites... and what the artist is possibly concerned with ...preferences, interests. Below are the ones I really wished to look at again. Terry Winters is an artist I am familiar with and particulary like. But each of these were of interest. Diana Coopers 'Heliotropic Eye' I found engaging on a number of levels.

Louise Bourgeois   Untitled, 2002   red ink and pencil on paper.
post may 20 2009 on

Anne-Marie Schneider Untitled (wire-head), 2006

Trenton Doyle Hancock  Cult of colour, 2004

Diana Cooper  Heliotropic Eye, 2006
posted  dec 30 post, 08

Amy Sillman untitled, 2008
posted feb 15 2009 post

Sean Landers  Just smile back, 2006
posted april 30 2008

Alfred Jensen  My Oneness, A Universe of Colours, 1957
posted april 9 2008

Terry Winters  Folio: Five, 1985-6 
posted april 12 2008


janis said...

Sophie...I need to come back and spend a long time clicking on all your wonderful links! What a treat this is ... I am so glad you visited me so now I am aware of you. Thank you for the very nice comment too :)

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Janis,

what a compliment coming from the creator of a particularly fresh , engaging weblog with such a strong continuity to it!
I was enamoured with your blog...and glad to put you on my links list!
best wishes, Sophie