Monday, June 8, 2009

Emma Biggs and The Mosaic Workshop

For an extensive post on the mosaic artist Emma Biggs and her husband and collaborator Matthew Collings refer to my May 29th post on their projects, collaborative and otherwise. Take note of the way the past and the present is interwoven!
Below is work done by Emma as part of her London based Mosaic Workshop which also includes talented designers Tess Hunkin and Jo Thorpe.  Go to  for a all things Mosaic, workshop information including what looks like an amazing workshop in Turkey at an international Glass Centre. Also :

 Emma Biggs: Micklefield   (particularly like this one!)

circles:  tabletop by Emma Biggs

 design and colour in mosaic
Plant panel: Emma Biggs                                                 Beginners workshops image

Patchwork panel by Jo Thorpe

Tessa Hunkin:  commercial mosaics- Freshfields restaurant

Blackpool pleasure Beach: tea Cup Wall Panel by Tessa Hunkin

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