Monday, June 1, 2009

"Lets fight the filth with forks and flowers!"

The words of Guerilla Gardener Richard Reynolds  This site will put you in the picture about how it all started for him. There is something perrenial in the magic of the garden. Whilst  extraordinary gardens may exist all over the world that are well known and is often the flash of colour, unexpected plantings, "secret" spaces, coming across something wonderful growing where you least expect it that we are most touched by ...on a more regular basis. So the impact of those who intentionally wish to surprise us with something wonderful where there was nothing of note...or plain ugliness confronting us...this is a delight. It also reminds us, even awakens us to greater possibilities for having growing things around us.

Salvaging at Cheslea

Community Briefing

The police watch the planting of Hispi cabbage

Lyla with a tray of mangetout

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