Monday, November 20, 2017


On a Thursday evening, October 26th I arrived in Hong Kong for the second Artist Residency this year. 6 Months before i'd booked an Airbnb and managed to meet the host in June before returning form the first residency.

This is my view from my new temporary home opposite Hong Kong Park looking across to familiar landmarks in Central, Hong Kong Island.

And breakfast next morning took place on the balcony looking across the Bird Aviary in the park. The weather was warm, less so than when I left in Summer but nevertheless in three weeks of Autumn Ive not needed a coat and instead have had to adjust to constant humidity.

This visit I've been based at Kellett International British School on the Kowloon or northern side of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

Website: Kellet School
This has allowed me to discover new areas of Hong Kong, cross-harbour tunnel commuting, by MTR, Bus and taxi. Kellett also has a campus at Pokfulum, close by the School I was artist-in-residence at in May this year ... the International Schools Foundation Academy at Cyberport on Hong Kong Island.

Monday morning October 31st was the start of orientation week at Kellet ... I set up in the temporary studio and began working out a program with staff, organising materials and space to paint and prepare for the coming weeks.

It was welcoming indeed to discover this waiting when I arrived.... the signage promoted the Annual Fund, a philanthropic body within the school responsible for making this residency possible.

Kellett Studio
A field trip in the first week to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in the New Territories was a wonderful opportunity fitted into the schedule midweek. I'd not previously traveled into this region with its semi-rural landscapes and beautiful vistas and many people had suggested I visit this stunning and unique place.

It wasn't possible to collect seed material as I didnt have permission but I also didnt notice anything although I am sure staff are very aware when and where to find all kinds of seed material throughout the year. Well with the trip if you are in Hong Kong and wish to gain a fascinating glimpse of tis complex project which has evolved constantly since it was first set up to teach farming skills and reforest denuded landscapes.

The Annual Fund set up by Kellett made possible the opportunity for
this residency exploring Seed Diversity through Art with students.

Unpacking samples and material brought from my Brisbane Studio


Teaching commenced with lessons structured for Year 7 as well as grades 8, 9 and 12 ... introducing the Homage to the Seed Project as well as the concept of Seed Diversity and how I interpret it as a visual artist.

A slideshow & intro to Seed-drawing processes made for a lively week. In the studio several staff members and students prepared the 16 metres of linen ready to paint on in WEEK 3 in the School's Atrium.

One 4 metres panel... part of the 16 metre work in prep.

Preparing samples employing different painting techniques ready for WEEK 3

Sample pieve testing the proposed colour palette and motifs.

Section of sample piece on linen.

Using Digital Art to play with ideas for the WEEK 3 composition.

Stay tuned for the report on WEEK 3 & 4.

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