Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God save Vivienne

'the only reason I'm in fashion is to destroy the word "conformity". Nothing's interesting to me unless its got that element' - 
Vivienne Westwood
A photo of Vivienne Westwood
'I like wearing a safari suit for shooting tigers in'

'its so important to look to the past. because people did have taste, and they did have ideals of excellence, and those things are not going to come unless people look to the past.'
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excellent weblink to Westwood's 2004 Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition.

Read about Westwood's life here on Wikipedia.

This is an image from a video of Jonathan Ross interviewing Vivienne Westwood. To view go to Westwood's latest incarnation as political activist in response to global warming at the website Active Resistance where there are 6 videos to watch on the current preocupation for this extraordinary woman who says passionately on this video - "my duty is to understand the world I live in...because understanding it you have to help the world...what can I do...this gift of life... you have to ask what can I do!"


Caterina Giglio said...

very interesting !! I love the quote!

Mlle Paradis said...

So glad you posted this Sophie! I saw the J. Ross interview. She is so not what you'd expect, and so vulnerable and earnest and passionate in this appeal to care about the planet. It's wonderful that she has decided to use her influence in this way. A truly great Brit in all the best ways. She is much much more than the designer of tartan minis and union jack pillows. It's important that she's showing this other side of herself. Thanks for this. I might link - would that be o.k.?

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you, both, very much for leaving comments. In a one comment...quickly...

MP...the video is indeed wonderful and she is everything you say. This made me really want to post on her. I read a biography 6(?) years ago that left me with a 'hom hum' response ...even though it has always been hard not to wonder at her sheer capacity for reinvention and and creativity and output.
I've loved where she has dragged our imaginations along her madcap journey....but this is something very, very wonderful... she is accessing a whole new layer of self and asking us to as well!
Worth alook I think!
ps do link for sure!

Anonymous said...

Love that dress like a Tiffany lampshade... crossed with a rubix cube.

Sophie Munns said...

That a quotable quote Tanaudel!
Something I could see you drawing actually.

Janis said...

Oh - love this woman! Doing her own thing and sincerely following her own vision - also fully aware and engaged in what is going on in the world. She is a gift.

...and so are you. I get to catch up on your posts today - a treat for me! Thanks for all the goodies to read Sophie - xo.

Sophie Munns said...

Is't she refreshing Janis!
She just keeps geting better and better. I loved the interview she gave....really she spoke so well!
Thankyou for your most charming comment Janis! I shall be watching your garden grow after all your industriousness the other day!
S xx