Friday, September 3, 2010

The next few days...

Read about this event on at the moment in Brisbane if there's a chance you can get along to the State Library between now and Sunday! Click here!!!!

from the program on Saturday afternoon....

Robert Forster writes what he sees around 
him: Brisbane. Matthew Condon writes of 
the city of his youth: Brisbane. The family 
memoirs of William McInnes reflect his home 
town: Brisbane. Matt Howard, especially 
chosen for his self-described ignorance of all 
things Brisbane, leads the debate on writing 
Brisbane as character. 
Tickets $16 qtix 
Presented by 

from the Robert Forster Website.

Looking up the Festival program I found these wonderful images at the CITY OF SOUND blog of the venue for the Writers festival.... The Queensland State Library

Looking form GoMA


open interior



interior: looking up 

interior: looking across from the 4th floor
looking to river

typical queensland look...tree next to verandah

looking from river -there's the Glass Box reading room!

verandah looking across freeway

Glass box reading room

Reading room looking down river

4th area

verandah looking to river walkway

stone fire pit... leading out of indigenous knowledge centre


looking across to GoMA - Gallery of Modern Art 

gigantic patterend screen

known to staff as "The shower curtain"

ground floor computer area

breezeway wi-fi

external section of cafe with overhanging roof and no walls - great in sub-tropical rain

Please go to the website post for excellent text and more photos. This building won awards for its design... and each time I'm there it wins me over... 

Principal Architect Timothy Hill of Donovan Hill is quoted here: SLQ website:
“‘The design is all about creating an open space which, unlike many public buildings of the past, is neither intimidating nor conventional. I want visitors to be able to look inside without having to go in. People are more comfortable if they can visit a few times and see what’s there without having to actually go in.’
“Hill says that the biggest compliment that could be made about his building is if people feel that it’s the kind of place they could meet for a date."
‘The new State Library is deliberately ambiguous so that people can find in it something that they can recognise from their point of view. I didn’t want to make an icon. An icon is just a symbol. I hope that people can know before they come here that they are welcome, and that it is open-ended about what you do there. That will be the best way for it to become a favourite. Libraries are social, community and wmeeting places, as well as learning centres. I think we have achieved all this and more.’” [Timothy Hill, Donovan Hill]


notmassproduced said...

ooohhh oooooh oooo i love ur blog big time :o)

Sophie Munns said...

Hello there NMP...
or i should write 'not mass produced'.
Had fun visiting your blog and had been there before... Love your comp to get people to change your original art work.... great idea.
I also really, really love that aspect of art where you give people the same starting place and then you ask them to add their signature.
Its a curious thing to see what comes... and a good reminder of how utterly different our way of seeing is.

Thanks for lOveLy comment that idea from you!

em said...

what a beautiful space! the building has a cool look, which must be appreciated in the hot weather.

Sophie Munns said...

Its the last resort for the tired and weary in the heat of summer Em.
One can spend a whole day there - working, researching - and feel oneself come back to life!