Saturday, September 25, 2010

one for australian painters...

Did you know?

One of these beautiful frames stretched with primed linen comes with the cost of the entry in the Belle Arti - Chapman and Bailey Art Award 2010, a $5,000 aquisitive award.

My friend in Melbourne Janita had given me an entry form 2 weeks ago, so, in that relaxed sort of saturday morning ambience that one sometimes finds possible I ambled along to their Brisbane store in Newstead and gazed at the tubes of paint awhile thinking hard about some work I'm doing and looking for colours to speak to me! (it can happen - dont you find?)

Lisa was on hand to answer queries and we discussed the prize and I was especially drawn to enter the prize when I saw the wonderful stretcher frame that comes with the entry fee.

For some time I've been far too busy or preoccupied with other things to think about going in award shows... but this really appealed. Yes... it is close by so when it comes to dropping off the painting it will be easy. But there's more to it than that.
Later whilst drinking coffee at Chouquette in new Farm I read the entry form properly and realised these people have gone to the trouble of liaising with a dozen art stores
around Australia to make it easier for people to enter... and because they have a Melbourne store work left there by a certain date will be transported for free.

If you click here it will take you to the Chapman and Bailey website page where you can click on the red text to open an entry form. If 40 x 40 cm is a good size for you... and you can organise yourself to enter within the time frame... then perhaps I'll see your work at the Late Nov-Dec show at the Metro Arts gallery in the city.
I've been working on some canvases that size of late so it is not so hard to get my head around... and given this show will include a diversity of paintings from various parts of the country I think it will be quite intriguing.

Gallery and Workshop
350 Johnston Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067
T +61 3 9415 8666
F +61 3 9415 8811
Chapman & Bailey Art Shop
420 Johnston Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067
T +61 3 9417 7957
F +61 3 9417 3447
Chapman & Bailey Brisbane Workshop & Art Shop
14 Byres Street
Newstead, Queensland 4006
T +61 7 3666 0028
F +61 7 3666 0082

Found at the website - Gallery archive  was a show of work by Phillip Sayers from his exhibition "Renewal" - in february this year. In February 2009 fire swept through parts of regional Victoria (south-east Australia) and caught many unprepared for the scale of destruction, loss of life and awful suddenness of the event. This artist found a poignant way to commemorate what was for many a unforgettably devastating experience. 

Renewal captures the devastated landscape after the Black Saturday fires, and the first signs of renewal in a stunning range of artworks on mixed media.
For the past year Phillip Sayers has painted the renewal of the St Andrews bush. This includes paintings in oil on cigar boxes (and other found objects in the St Andrews area) and a dramatic 2m x 2m image on a canvas of a new water-tank surrounded by the burnt bush.
"My paintings start when I come across a wooden object with a previous life. The surface of the timber with nicks and marks tells its own story and I add a new layer. The end result is a respect for the objects history, overlaid with new life in the form of my painting.
There seems to be a harmony created, befitting the images of renewal from St Andrews. My paintings are about moving forward with a respect for what has passed", Phillip says.

Oil on wood boxes

East through the trees - oil on wood panel


annamaria said...

Hi Sophie, wanted to thank you for your kind words in my blog(even if late,apologies), and I have been looking through yourS- what ABUNDANCE of goodness and art!
I need some time to look further!and that header!, I have always adored your artwork! Good luck with the award show-

Anonymous said...

Hello Annamaria,
lovely to hear form you...
dont worry ... Im struggling to keep up at the moment. Might have to go on a blog vacation for a week or two even!
Delighted to have found that interesting story about the book... always good to see what people are working on...
thanks for warm compliments.... most appreciated!

La Dolce Vita said...

best of luck on your entry Sophie! that is just wonderful and what a great set up they have for making it easy for everyone to do it. really liked Sayers work too, the starkness of it is arresting... xx's

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie!!!

Good luck with the grant writing and the competition! I will be going on an actual vacation from blogging/ art/ etc. in a short while so.....Sometimes, it is good to focus!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Caterina,
His work is arresting as you say!
I saw something on TV about the fires tonight ... if you've been through that creating work can be very cathartic...
thanks for the good wishes...
S xo

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Mary,
Vacation sounds like a good idea... I had a day in bed today... it had been ages since I was at all ill .... everything totally caught up reprioritising!
Have a good week and have a great break if I dont catch you!