Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a lifelong appreciation for the everyday....

Still life - Margaret Olley, 1986
Still life, 1986. Margaret Olley

The artist in 2007

This image of the artist comes with the transcript of a show Talking Heads on the ABC which you can read here. I was drawn to post a painting by this esteemed Australian painter whose work has been loved over decades now after being at a function last night at Customs House in Brisbane where her work graced the walls of a beautiful old room looking out over the river and twinkling lights. Olley spent some of her school years in Brisbane, coming and going over many years before settling finally in Sydney after a long era in Newcastle and OS.

I took a moment to look quietly at her paintings before coming home after an excellent forum I attended which you can read about here, presented by the Global Change Institute of Queensland University.

If you read the post on the forum you will see why the paintings of this artist are actually a poignant reminder of the numinosity of the everyday...and now is certainly the era to be more mindful of the offerings from nature that we have come to be so remiss about that so much is binned/trashed barely touched.
Read more on Margaret Olley here.

Margaret Olley, Brisbane River 1956. Ink and
watercolour on paper. Private collection
Brisbane River 1956

Margaret Olley
Woolloomooloo with bottlebrush 2000

Eucharist Lillies 1963

Still life with mandarins, 1975

her biography by Meg Stew               art is a good read.


Penny said...

I love Margaret Olleys paintings, If I had loads of money I would some how buy one, as it is I have a book of her paintings, not the one you showed.

Ro Bruhn said...

I love the work of Margaret Olley, she's one of my favourite artists. I have her first book which has lots of her paintings. They had a documentary of her a couple of years ago on the ABC which was wonderful. I also saw her on Talking Heads.

Gloria Freshley said...

What beautiful work. Thanks for posting about this artist Sophie! Gloria

ArtPropelled said...

This is the first time I've seen this artist's work. You can see what her favourite colours are. Rich shades of autumn in her work, her dress and decor. I love the mandarins and the first still life.

Sophie Munns said...

Good to hear from you Penny.
I could live with a Margaret Olley painting too! A book is can be happy with that!
Spring must be showing in SA right now... hope you are having some lovely days!

Hi Ro,
It was such a delight to see her work unexpectedly last night! The top image was a little similar to one I was viewing.... She makes for good interviewing ha? And reading about.
lovely to have you drop by!

Hi Gloria,
she's an original...stuck to her guns... did not go for fad or fashion...thanks for popping in!

Hi Robyn,
Do google her name for more images... I have been surprised over the years how much one can enjoy seeing her works over and over...freshly each time.
She has always said her studio is wherever she put her painting basket...At her previous home I went by that rule... her interiors are so like a continuum of her paintings and vice versa!
see you!

S x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful post. I treasure photos of older women artists. You can see the years of a life well spent in their faces. The work is beautiful. Delicious color. The photo with the interior is very informative and I covet the textiles!
Thanks as always Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Mary,
the colour is pretty seductive hey mary!
Hope you are having some fun in your studio....Im downloading photos from today's work... just for documentation! Its late...have a great day as mine closes!

Mlle Paradis said...

wonderful lightness of touch. the lilies are gorgeous. the more i see of brisbane - the more i'd like to visit! and love the idea of is it - wooloomooloo?!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi MP,
I have confused things slightly by not adding that Wolloomooloo is in Sydney on the harbour right next to the city, Botanic Gardens art gallery and such.
Do come to Brisbane though.... that window scene could pass for Brisbane.
Her work is wonderfully evocative... glad you enjoyed!

Robyn said...

I've met Margaret.... a long while ago. I've been to her home as a woman I worked for was a close friend.

Inspiring stuff.

Robyn x

Sophie Munns said...

Now thats sounds quite like the most perfect way to see this artists work Robyn...
In situ ....where the paintings and the surrounds are one!
Thanks for bringing that story along!
S x