Thursday, September 9, 2010

Put this in your diary all you S.E.Queenslanders!

india flint 
botanical alchemist  : author of ECO COLOUR

marianne hall + roz hawker
for one night only 
exhibition in conjunction with a
sold out 5 day bio regional dyeing workshop
at Bunya in Brisbane led by India 

 Saturday 18 September    5pm – 8 pm
 frocks , wraps and fabric lengths, works on paper and sterling silver pieces
 rsvp not required
e: rozhawker09 at gmail dot com   

You can read much more here at India Flint's website
and at her blog

where you will discover why this is such a wonderful opportunity 
to go and meet this renown artist and see her work 
along with that of 2 others who are collaborating on this occasion.
Such a shame this workshop has sold out.... ages ago I might add...
you could twist her arm to come back to this part of the globe... perhaps!

Im leaving you with this last image from India's blog...  your mission , should you choose to accept, is to wander over and see what the significance is of this  image!                                                  


Thea said...

oh that does sound exciting. Not sure if I can make it as I am teaching a workshop that day too. I guess we should have subscribed to India's newsletter?

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Thea,
I met the lovely Roz Hawker in June which is how I come to know about this show... Maybe I'll be able to attend a workshop in the future... was sadly not able to this time round!
Roz had a wonderful story about being OS, hearing about India doing a workshop in NZ from over there and fitting that in on her return trip to OZ Aoril , May ?...then whilst at that workshop meeting others keen to get India to Brisbane... so before long they had the numbers...!!!
The good part of the story is that no doubt the botanical alchemist could be lured back again... It must be a lot more fluid and workable to have people raise the interest and spread the word when so much travel is involved ...and to places near and far!
If you know anyone else who''d be interested Thea I know Roz would be delighted for you to pass this on!

blue china studio said...

Hi Sophie,

It seems like it has been ages since I've had to stop by and see what you are up to.
This woman and her workshop sound incredible. Just finding out how she makes her dye would be fascinating. What color would that fungus in the pot make I wonder?

Hope all is well.


Sophie Munns said...

Hi jacilyn,
I have not been visiting anyone very frequently of late either... so its wonderful to hear from you...
This looks like such a fabulous workshop... she comes to the if you ever get to thinking with like-minded friends... or bloggers....!
I wont be at this workshop unfortunately... which is why I am so delighted there's a chance to go to this show!

iNdi@ said...


thank you for the kind words.


Sanne said...

These textiles looks amazing, really!

Cath said...

This is very interesting.

Lorena said...

I just love India Flint's work. It's some of the best, most interesting art fashion out there these days

Anonymous said...

Hi India...
delighted to pass on the wonderful news about your art showing ... looking forward to coming along and hope you really enjoy your time here. Somehow I think you may be lured back by those who would love to take part in a workshop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanne....
Hi Cath...
Im sure you would both love seeing these in person...or ... look up India's wonderful book "Eco Colour"... it might be on the book shelves in your repspective countries - definitely worth seeking out

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorena,
good to hear from you... I can certainly appreciate your comment re India's work... it does stand out on a number of accounts - the eco value just one of the superb qualities of this work she produces!

layers said...

how lucky for you that she is in your area-- I follow Indie's blog and love her work--

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Donna,
I really enjoyed meeting India last saturday and must post images I took here asap! What delight she brings to us all!