Monday, September 20, 2010

what's happening in the studio....

Recent work

from a session in the studio today

These journal pages are from a longer post you can read here! Today was the perfect day for the and a little rainy as the evening closed in.
Hope you had a most pleasant weekend.I have photos from a special event on the weekend... will post soon!


Grey Lemon said...

I love these paintings, especially the first ones, great colors!

dosfishes said...

Shelling some beans like these later, I can almost taste them. xox Corrine

Anonymous said...

I am always intrigued by artist sketchbooks. Especially, since I don't do them. The black and white bean pods have me really thinking!

Anonymous said...

Your comments are most appreciated everyone. I'm surprised every time at how valuable even simple comments from bloggers can be.

The phase I'm in (read more - if time permits - at the post link provided) is that moment of paring back... seeing what works, what pleases the eye before the next intense burst of activity.

So a range of comments is like fresh air in the room grown stale! THank you!

Lovely to hear from you Grey Lemon ...merci!

Corrine... you made me laugh.... hope your dish went well. These seeds/beans are from Indonesia and used in cooking after first boiling to release toxins!

Thanks Mary... it is worth having a go at the sketch book scenario... you hit the nail on the head for me when you said the black and white pods have you thinking.
That's what happens in the journal -its the best opportunity for a whole series of ventures into new territory where hand co-ordinates with the critical faculties of thinking and feeling.
If one learns to "do" without judgement, and gets the 'awkward' work out then there's room for the rest to find its way in!
All my 'awkward' pages get worked over anyway... the whole journal is forever in a state of becoming.Those seedpods you mentioned have another whole work under them that was not sitting well with me!
Its like a garden...I come back and weed, add, shift things around and finesse ...and that way things can arrive at a moment where they kind of work and i leave them.... usually!

bye all!

Elizabeth said...

Sophie: Your new work is wonderful - vibrant, alive, emotional, textural, contextual (seeds, pods = LIFE, people!) I was grateful to read what you wrote about sketchbooks as I have just joined the Sketchbook Project - take a look -

Let's start a sketchbook project about seeds from around the world!!!!


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Elizabeth,
interesting hat sketchbook project... will look it up for sure.
thanks for your lively comments that are confirming... is been good to think more about the journal process... whatever it is people like to call them!
will pop over and tell you when I look that up too!

La Dolce Vita said...

I love your work Sophie!! xox

blue china studio said...

Oh, just love seeing sketchbooks. These images are so wonderful Sophie!
It has been nice to see what you are up. I've been out of touch lately as my life has been crazy.

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cat!
lovely to read you words fresh just waking up to a new day!

Hi Jacylin,
I so understand the feeling of life taking over, taking you away! Hope it is soon calmer...
lovely to read your warm words... wishing you well!
best ,

Robyn said...

These are very beautiful Sophie... really lovely.