Wednesday, September 22, 2010

India comes to Brisbane

Recently I posted an invitation for you to attend this fabulous late afternoon show on Saturday, September 18th...

india flint 

botanical alchemist  : author of ECO COLOUR

marianne hall + roz hawker
for one night only... 
exhibition in conjunction with a

bio regional dyeing workshop led by India 

I arrived on dark

and walked up the path through a wonderful garden

to find these veils of colour

gently floating  in the breeze



dreams of colour on silk, organza, wool and more

in person

on the line

wrapped around shoulders

It was all so captivating! As was India... who engaged with one and all, at length ... all the time sharing stories, processes, tips on how to treat all manner of materials, dyes, the chemistry, biology, and botanical knowledge ... the best Op Shop in San Francisco, how to recycle a man's shirt. Wordsmith India speaks as beautifully and mindfully as she writes.

This incomparable experience has stayed with me... I shall have to make sure to do this workshop nest time I can see an opportunity! Thank you India for so generously sharing with us!

You can read much more here at India Flint's website
and at her blog

Beautiful enalled copper bowls by Marianne Hall

Enamelled work by Marianne well suited showing along with India's work. As did the very fine work on cloth and also jewellery made By Roz Hawker.

Hand sewn work on cloth by Roz Hawker

Roz Hawker

Thank you to the Hawkers for gracious hospitality and a wonderful evening! The natural garden setting was just perfect.


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

It's all so captivating...thanks so much for the wonderful photos and your description! Beautiful!

Mlle Paradis said...

how did i miss so many posts?! this looks like a great night. love all the textiles. dreamy!

dosfishes said...

What's not to love about her spectacular work, gosh! xox Corrine

La Dolce Vita said...

ooh lucky you ... iam most appreciative that I found her thru you and love her blog and her work! molto grazie dear Sophie!! this must have been heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear from you all...

I running off to coffee with a friend now...but will return...

it was dreamy.... a little bit of heaven!


ArtPropelled said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I am transfixed, gazing at this colourful forest of wafting fabrics. The colours blow me away! Your photos give me a better idea of just how beautiful the fabrics are. Meeting India in person must have been the cherry on the top. Thanks for a lovely post Sophie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,
it was pretty amazing to walk in and see these cloths gently blowing in a cool breeze, surrounded by garden whilst all undercover should there have been rain!
Cherry on top ... absolutely.
One had to stand and gaze and keep looking, keep noticing and then remember where the colours came from... nature ... exquisite interactions with fabrics, metals, botanicals, natural additives perhaps... botanical alchemist indeed!
Delighted to share this Robyn,

Robyn said...

thank you for sharing this Sophie... I feel like I was there too :)

iNdi@na said...

gosh, so many kind words.
i'm feeling somewhat bashful
and making patterns in the sand with my toes
thanks ever so much, Sophie.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robyn,
Glad you felt as if you were there .... can imagine how you'd have loved it.

And hello India...
... well earned words from one and all ... Some of us were lucky to be there and some were terribly glad to have the armchair experience.... my pleasure to offer that!
go well...

Christine said...

Lovely works and words. Thank you for sharing the images. Sounds like it was a magical evening.

Anonymous said...

what a delight to visit your excellent blog... thank you for kind words. You'd obviously have been in your element - after reading you have done a US workshop with India!

Marie-Es said...

Thank you for these pictures ! I love the works of India Flint.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you Marie-Es!
Im not surprised you adore the work of India...given your delight in all things botanical and from nature.

Anonymous said...

What exquisitely beautiful 'veils of colour' (lovely description too)!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Suzanne for the comments ... te beauty of the evening prompted me to find words to fit!

rivergardenstudio said...

wow, I have loved my visit here, the beautiful veils of color and the earthiness and your words to describe this evening. roxanne

Sophie Munns said...

Delighted you found this post Roxanne... its was SUCH a wonderful evening... and I shall have to stay tuned as to when the next workshop might be happening in this part of the world!'best,