Sunday, October 3, 2010

RSVP: ASAP if you want to join me Sunday week...

Just opened show

Hetti Perkins - senior curator
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

OK... speaking virtually I am.... 

I thought it would be wonderful to meet up with 
blogosphere friends for a cup of tea and something special. 

At first I thought of asking you along to something classsic the Ritz in London...

then I thought of a place in Sydney that's been attracting a lot of fuss. 
And since we are travelling light and cost is not a factor 
then I hope you will join me at 3pm Sunday week at the address down below

...and anyone with more time up their sleeve might 
like to attend the NSW Art Gallery with me 
at 11am  to see the exhibition art + soul which 
 'highlights the artists and art featured in the groundbreaking
 three-part documentary series Art + Soul
which will screen on ABC Television from 7 October 2010'

Art Gallery of NSW

So... I thought this might be a wonderful show 
to take you bloggers along to from OS... what do you think?

After the show we will repair to the wonderful patisserie in Darling St, Balmain of Adriano Zumbo who's concoctions have names like 'Lukas rides the tube' and 'Escape from a Colombian rainforest'
and this one pictured below:

Cloudy Thyme - Liquorice pate brisee, olive oil creme citron,
butterscotch caramel, oven roasted apples, mint meringue ball & thyme italian meringue

Pineapple palm sugar sous vide, lemongrass pandan
& vanilla crème legere, coriander crémeux & peanut sable

Clancy, the Rains are Coming:
Corn & mango salsa, vanilla saffron crème brûlée,
salted sable, mango jelly, pain d'epice & citron punch

SHABALICIOUS: Caramel crunch, caramel sponge,
caramel cheesecake, caramel chew & caramel cream cheese mousse

WHAT A GREAT PEAR OF...: Almond creme,
 pear vanilla creme patisserie, pate a choux sable, pear gel, almond crunch & almond struesel

MACARONS: Beetroot & raspberry, pumpkin & orange risotto, custard crunch, chickpea lemon & caramel, Mont Blanc, Citrus & mustard, Blackened vanilla bean, 3 textures blueberry, Kalamata olive & bergamot candy, Pear pistachio & fennel, salted peanut caramel, oatmeal & ylang ylang

OK.... so send in your rsvp's now so I can book a virtual table. How can you resist joining me there... see more pics here at Adriano Zumbo's gallery. The suburb below is very close to the central city. Who's in? Its free and wont take up all your time!!!!

Balmain from the air... you can see the Harbour Bridge top left.


KatrinaRecycled said...

I caught Art Nation this arvo and they mentioned this exhibition - wish i could go for real!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Yes... 'twould be great Katrina ... but at least it does have a TV version that we can catch. Hopefully on I-view.
See you,

Sanne said...

Hi Sophie! How are you! i visited your website! it is new right? It looks very good, i love your work, and i can't stop looking at the one in archive:counterpoint 2004. i find it very attractive (can i say that? well i really really like it :-) it gives so much energy.
all the best!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Sanne,
Thank you for your lovely is a new website.. still must complete it!
Im delighted with your compliment of the one called 'counterpoint'.
I spent very much time on this was like a serious puzzle... a meditation...there is one small red square in it which is causing the balance to the whole work. I wonder if you noticed this small red square...
I think this painting was like a very important philosophical problem I was trying to weigh up ....maybe not even consciously. It caused me to feel very , very involved and keep returning to paint it to get it just so finely balanced.
Have a great week!

Robyn said...

Thank you... see ya there :)

once upon a time i could have been there in a flash as i lived walking distance from the gallery.

x robyn

Sophie Munns said...

delighted your'e coming , virtually of course!!

How wonderful to live so close for a time that you could regularly walk to the gallery and the many other excellent locations in the area~

Did you see the first of the ABC show 'Art and Soul' this week? I caught it on Iview last night and really was terribly pleased to have seen it. Found Hettie Perkins approach very compelling and unusual. Must talk to you about this actually!

See you next Sunday...Ha!
S x