Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Tree" - a film based on the book "Our Father Who Art In The Tree"

Its a little late and I've just come in from the studio but I wanted to add a quick post in case you get a chance to see this film which I went along to last night.

------ Our Father Who Art In The Tree Book Cover
The book that inspired the film The Tree 

Here's the first line from the first chapter of the book found at the film's website...

"It was simple for me: the saints were in heaven, and guardian angels had extendable wings like Batman, and my dad had died and gone to live in the tree in the back yard." 

Below is Simone who's story is key to the book and the film.

--- Two in Tree
home in the tree

------ Simone Tree
Simone... the lead character

--- Kids in Tree
the tree

------ Charlotte Blue
Charlotte Ginsbourg as Dawn

--- BTS_4
Film director Julie Bertucelli in the tree

------ Charlotte Hammock
The Boonah countryside

--- Branch Damage_1

The film is set in country not that far from Brisbane so the Moreton Bay Fig Tree and house featured in this film were quite familiar. These wonderful trees are a familiar sight around where I live.
I have only once before posted on a film here... so you can take it from me that the film was quite special! 
Read more on the film here!


Mlle Paradis said...

can't wait. this looks quite special!

sophiemunns said...

Love to hear what you think when you get to see it MP!

inaluxe said...

That's one impressive tree. It's so big, you could make a house in it. Gorgeous doesn't even cover it! It's breathtaking. Will have to read a bit more about the film... and perhaps go and have a look too! xo :)

Sophie Munns said...

Oh....I do hope you get to see this film Inalux! If the pics touched you the film will get into your soul!
The film reminds one what's SO to love about trees!
Lovely to read your comment...and how amazing I had happened on your question re trees the same time I had posted this!
Enjoy your Sunday ...the lightest rain is deliciously tumbling down outside...a kind of blissful Sunday really!

Sweetpea said...

Ahh, this looks m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s. Alas, here I am on the west coast of America and I don't see a shimmer of this film over here. Sophie, is this a brand new release? If so, perhaps Netflix will oblige in a few months...
Thanks for posting! That tree...that TREE...

Sophie Munns said...

Sweetpea ...
nice name!
I just checked about possible release dates... Its being shown at the Chicago International Film festival at the its presently doing the rounds of the film festivals globally... Cannes back in May... it was chsen as the closing film there! released here a week or so ago.
Its be at Vancouver and Montreal film festivals... dont see any other US festivals at a cinema near you???
I do hope you get to see it and you will truly LOVE this tree... and the film!
thanks for your lovely message!

Sweetpea said...

Oh, waay cool, thank you Sophie!!!
Shall send you an update from these here parts whenever I hear of them.
thanx again.

sophiemunns said...

yes do Sweetpea...hope it comes your way soon!

The Tree said...

Hi Sophie,
Thank you so much for spreading the word about "The Tree". We were very excited to find this post on your blog and congratulate you on your beautiful work. Mt Coot-Tha must be such an inspiration. Please stay in touch for updates on where The Tree will be screening across the globe. There are more international film festivals and releases lined up. We'll be publishing the information on these as soon as we are given the go-ahead.
Best wishes,
The Tree Team

Sophie Munns said...

Hello 'The Tree',
it was a pleasure to be able to pass this on! A friend and I both adored the film and a family member went the next day and also loved it!
Id be happy to pass on dates and such if you wish to send more info sometime!
thanks also for the kind words...

Robyn said...

thank you....


sophiemunns said...

hope you do get to see it Robyn...
S xx