Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sea Angels via Mapping the Marvellous

 A very quick post...
... have you heard of sea angels?

Sea angels (Clione limacina)

Sea angels (Clione limacina) – one of the images in Richard Kirby‘s new book Ocean Drifters: A Secret World Beneath the Waves featuring high-magnification photographs of plankton, the microscopic marvels that inhabit the sea around the British isles. They underpin the whole marine food chain, provide the world with oxygen, and play an essential role in the global carbon cycle.

If you pop over to the wonderfully named blog 'Mapping the Marvellous' you can read much more like this and explore the wonderful world of links to be found here to cartographers, journals, institutions, museums, marine and wildlife, natural history and life science, wunderkammer and more. Great visuals and brilliant links.

One link I visited just now was Atlas Obscura which took me here and here (a post from Apartment Therapy).

from the blogger's apartment

Assorted Butterflies from the Etymology Department
Naturhistorisches Museum, Bern

Time to go trawling? never know what you'll find through Mapping the Marvellous!


inaluxe said...

Sophie, the sea angles are amazing. I'd never heard of them before, so I'm even more excited! It's fascinating how things look when you really really magnify them, or in other words, what our eye can't see, so readily. Makes me look at things in a different way. Hope you're having a great weekend.. :) K

Sophie Munns said...

Ditto Inanlux... new to me.
Exquisite creatures and when one reads what they contribute to our planet's life cycle .... OMG!
There's so much magic on the planet...and is it not wonderful the way Science is delivering that to us to appreciate more than ever!
Lovely to hear from you.

Printed Material said...

These images are marvellous Sophie. I'm off to check the link to 'Mapping the Marvellous' With a name like that it sounds right up my street! Thanks for the link. Lesley.

Sally said...

Great post...and love the an thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley...
lots to look at at Mapping the Marvellous... great for the curious never know what you'll find!

Hi Sally,
Have fun exploring .... lots of fascinating directions to follow!
ps Portugal looked fab.... your villa...and that hammock!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am left thinking about the word "curiosity".

The photo of your apartment is so timely. I am moving the things in my home so I can see them with new eyes. I have many of the same shells and similar books. Suddenly, I remember that my shells came to the US with my Grandfather when he returned home from the Pacific War....Perhaps they are related?

Anonymous said...

you have given me a compliment I cant take credit wording was ambiguous...sorry about that. This apartment is the home of the people from the Atlas Obscura site! They were featured on Apartment Therapy. They have several spectacularly curious sites....
Interesting your shells come from the Pacific... did he ever get to Australia? My father trained in Canada in the air force and the war thankfully came to a close just as he was to fly to Europe. We have all these little black and white photos of Banff...souvenirs of that trip!
S x