Monday, August 17, 2009

wood and wool stool

I just came across this and wanted to post it straight away... I love how inventive people are being with things from the past...bringing woolen crochet  squares together with recycled wooden stools.

image on website for wood & wool stool

This image was posted on 12th July on Curious to see more I clicked on wood & wool stool which took me to a website for these colourful stools produced by Ingrid Jansen. Love the look and the appeal of these colourful and practical seats... perhaps not quite perfect for our warm climate here.However I can just see them in a cosy cafe...and I'd be very happy to have one of these for my home!!

6 stools for exota amsterdam by wood & wool stool
handmade by wood & wool stool from Flickr

krukjes maike by wood & wool stool.


Curlyhead said...

They're lovely

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a thought Eleni. I just went across to you blog to see what you are up to and saw the workshop you attended which a friend also went to and found very inspiring! I love the way there are so many ways to create a more viable Eco-Future pathway...really it is about stopping our habits of blase consumption and seeing ways to make and invent or support others who do this!