Thursday, August 13, 2009

Undercover Painter on Ian Fairweather

Recently I viewed an excellent documentary film on ABC  TV (Australia) called Fairweather Man which I was reminded of tonight when reading a compellingly well written post dated August 4th by Undercover Painter.  Do take a look! I hope to find a DVD of this film and watch it again sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration Undercover Painter!

On loan … Carousel by Ian Fairweather, owned by the Landau family.

Carousel by Ian Fairweather -I didn't find a date with this work...perhaps an earlier painting.

House by the Sea   Ian Fairweather  1968 from his later mature work.


Undercover Painter said...

I'm glad you liked it! The doc was fab as is the newly revised book. Have you seen it?

Sophie Munns said...

Hi UP. I have seen the book but not at length...sitting in a comfy chair and being able to read and ponder would be wonderful in the company of this book!