Monday, August 10, 2009

John Wolseley

John Wolseley

Last night I watched a CD recording of the 1st epsiode of 'Painting Australia', a 6 part art series produced by ABC TV about 3 years ago.  John Wolseley was invited on location as the Master Artist interacting with 3 emerging artists -which was filmed in the bush near Bendigo in Victoria- for 2 days of solid artistic production with John as their tutor. To begin to appreciate this artist refer to his website He comes across as generous, engaging and someone who doesn't take himself too seriously. Travel to places both remote and tough going are par for the course. The breadth of his body of work and subject matter is inspiring and well worth further investigation.

The artist at work in the desert.
Top image:
South Flank of Dune  1992-1993  Lithograph, Australian Print Workshop archive 2.  Although this image may not be easily viewed here it is an example of the research and knowledge this artist gathers through his work in situ.
2nd image:
John Wolseley  Landmarks II  by Professor Sasha Griffin, published by Craftsman House, Melbourne, 2008


Lucy said...

Wolsely's work has always captured my imagination - I love that each work is a true exploration of a real journey through the bush proper.

Thank you for the link to his site, Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Lucy,
It is something to behold... that knowing of places from immersion in it...I agree!
Thanks for the comment,

Chrissy Foreman C said...

OOh delicious Soph!

Undercover Painter said...

Love that show! There needs to be more episodes, don't you think? and, of course, Wolsely's work is sublime.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Chrissy...I'll lend you the CD when I see you was wonderfully inspiring! S x

And... Undercover Painter...I totally agree that more episodes are needed. It seemed to have considerable appeal across quite a broad audience...demystifying different working processes and responses from an engaging variety of artists in 6 very different geographical locations!
Wolseley's work is for me indeed sublime!
Thanks UP!