Friday, August 14, 2009

recent work

'Coastal Reverie' - Sophie Munns
120 cm x 40 cm
acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

'sub-tropical totem' - Sophie Munns
60 cm x 80 cm
acrylic and ink on canvas

small works in progress in the studio.


Lee Beth said...

Nice stuff.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Lee Beth!

em said...

i love the work at top the most. i'm think you deserve more comments on this amazing collection!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you so much Em!
The top painting sat in my studio for a year almost finished and I could not figure out what would resolve it. Recently I was able to dedicate considerable time to the studio and just like that, in the course of this intense process of working on a series of things, it suddenly seemed to be effortless. These 2 paintings have been purchased by a visitor to my studio which is lovely...someone who collects art. It is peculir the way something can sit there feeling stuck and then,,,the shift happens and it felt so right.
My image sitots the work slightly...the horizontal line between pod forms and lines is actually straight...but otherwise the colours are accurate!
Sophie x

Lucy said...


More of your work, more often, please!

Loving the out-lined seed pods. Beautiful.

Sophie Munns said...

Oh, how lovely of you to say so Lucy!
I have been deliberating over the weekend all kinds of things around my art practice...I seem to be at a decision crossroads again! So it has been fabulous to wake up this morning and read comments from 2 different parts of the world that are so encouraging...and from 2 lovely people who are engaged in their own particular endeavours with passion and skill!
thank you Lucy!