Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tormentate i sensi

Quoted text: Alana Kennedy's installation, 'tormentate i sensi', muses on immortality, mythology & epicurean delicacies to 'tantalise the senses' and to richly combine this mystery with painting.
Welcome to Alana Kennedy's Marcilio Ficino Temporary Dining Room...where to dine is not merely to eat...envisaged for the purpose of serving Hesperidean deliciacies...the artist will make the temporary Dining Room available (by special appointment) to all who wish to dine and host a private dinner or soiree.
This Dining Room is named after Marcilio Ficino, a 15th century philosopher who ignited the cultural revolution that elevated dining to an art form, and together with his transalations of classical antiquity, fed and elevated the mind and status of a 'painter' into the realm of an artist.
In 2009, the artist continues her improvisations on art and epicure.  

Please note: this  text was taken from the website of this Gallery as a means of seducing you into reading more here. I happened to buy and read today's  'Epicure' from the Age , Melbourne's  daily Newspaper. At the bottom left of page 8 I read the intriguing advertisement for the artist, a temporary dining room, and art supply outlet, and handmade furniture...all happening in one place! I HAD TO INVESTIGATE!  I quote straight from the web text for the purpose of informing accurately what this is all about.
Sunday afternoons feature entertainment:
an earlier work by Alana Kennedy:
Painted gardens of a Honey Empress  2007,  Oil encausic on linen

I'm thoroughly impressed with the brilliance of this idea. When an artist dedicates so much time to working away on their own why not  gather people for more than that quick drop of wine and a 30 minute chat crowded in front of walls where barely a glimpse can be had of what's hanging there. I like that this idea just does more than promise something illusive...one can see a wonderful experience awaiting those who participate.

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