Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Putting on the business hat...

 Inspired by Joanne Mattera's  Art blog and her wonderful weekly Marketing Mondays post  I want to share a couple of things here on a similar theme. 

FIRST ITEM:  regards Abaf, an organisation in Australia which promotes private sector support for the arts through 3 programs- Partnering, Volunteering, Giving. I attended an excellent workshop for visual artists on Building a Website presented by Jeremy Smart last week here in Brisbane and through that experience became more aware of the significant range of roles, programs and workshops on offer with Abaf. Whilst being in the city centres can mean greater access to such workshops it must be said that artists nationally would do well to visit the website and learn more of what it is possible to access through Abaf....and not just in the capital cities. Janice Kuczkowski, the welcoming Qld coordinator of Abaf was available for discussion at the workshop I attended, answering inquiries and following through later. What a wonderful opportunity this day was!
SECOND ITEM: Carolyn Cardinet, a Melbourne based artist friend who shares information frequently and generously (thanks CC! ) sent me this link to artistcareer.com.au in regard to  their OPEN CALL for Artist's blogs. artistcareer.com.au is a joint initiative of Abaf and NAVA ( National Association of the Visual Arts). Artistcareer.com.au offers business information and advice for visual art, craft and design practitioners. Well worth investigating if this is your area...and you are based in Australia. Image below is from their website.

THIRD ITEM:  Something else I have just come across for all interested women (sorry guys) based in BRISBANE to take note of  I heard about Saturday whilst at the Sustainability Day referred to on my recent posts. The lifelong Learning Council of Qld is offering a WOMEN IN BUSINESS Coaching Scheme to around 10 to 12 participants. This has just become available so the 2 hour induction session will be held at a date to be announced in September. It is offered at a very reasonable rate due to a funding grant that lowers the cost to participants.
 I have received a detailed PDF by email after talking with the very helpful coordinator Helen Schwencke late this afternoon and it is definitely worth a phone call to Helen on 07 3844 8400 to find out more. You can also email me for the pdf. This is not an Arts related event. It targets women who are deriving income from a new enterprise or managing a portfolio career (ie a swag of different income activities) and of course this latter option is often the case for artists!

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