Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mia Pearlman

Here are images from artist Mia Pearlman who works with a variety of media and forms, notably Cut Paper instillations, Cut Paper Sculpture and Cut paper Collage as shown below. I have included images from her website in this post that are inspiration to Mia's Art Practice and also 4 of her paintings. I was quite awestruck at the first viewing of this artist's work and made contact to express my interest and was granted permission to post images from her website. The website contains a wealth of quite stunning material so I am pleased to finally get to sharing this....thanks to  Mia!

Eddy - a conceptual drawing on many levels. Read more here.



Images found clicking on contact of Mia's website titled Cool Stuff

Mia at work

Cloud Vortices


Nutball clouds

Flame nebula

Alluvial fan

cloudscape paintings,  Mia Pearlman, 2006

From the Breathe Paintings:

All the blues of the world scattered, 2006

That rumour of a cohesive unity, in which all things participate or adhere, 2006
5'  x  7'


Lee Beth said...

So creative.

Sophie Munns said...

It is quite astounding Lee Beth...the word creative gets used for everything things days...somehow your use of this word here has a sense of proportion to my estimation!
thanks for the comment!

em said...

so inspiring! i need to do more artistic things on my site... maybe this winter, when the weeding hopefully abates! how do you find this stuff?

Sophie Munns said...

thanks for the comment Em! I seem to have inspired days or weeks for finding things. Just like in the studio or anywhere we have peak times of inspiration and the rest is about turning up. I am sometimes amazed that trawling the web and blogs can light on such wondrous makes you realise there is such abundant inspiration and effort in this world of ours...and that is the good news story we dont hear and comprehend because the media jams space with accidents and deaths, financial reports etc!
S x