Monday, August 17, 2009

megan whitmarsh : visions of the frontier

'Abbra-Cadabbra Home security' is a collaborative work by Megan Whitmarsh and Caroline Rankin - KK projects New Orleans

I have titled this post Visions of the frontier after a title from the artist Megan Whitmarsh's website of a current project she is working on. Somehow this title struck me as perhaps applicable in reference to this work seen below. LA, her present location is hardly a frontier town...but then it is such an idiosyncratic place and this title does connect with  images that come to mind, perhaps extremely cliched images, of this City of Angels.

'trash mountain'  Megan Whitmarsh  pencil, marker, ink and gouache on paper
Recent work from Megan Whitmarsh, an LA based artist makes a statement here about consumption. For more information and images go to the artist's website here.

Colour Work Station, 2009  print edition seen on news.

Visions of the frontier  (news)


Novi On The Go said...

Hi Sophie,
Just dropping by to say hello and to let you know I'm so glad I found your blog! I am inspired by all the different artists you post about and am amazed at the variety of artistic expression out there. I feel positively charged each time I drop by.
Thank you for sharing such wonderful work.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Novi,
Its good to have you visit! I have long had a penchant for engaging with a wide spectrum of ideas and sources of creative life. It occured to me as a child studying Piano for many long years, doing exams on European musicians (the rare Australian thrown in) that there was much more going on in this world than being presented to me. I'm not sure how I even knew a smallish, somewhat isolated country town a good few decades ago in this land 'down-under' ! TV wasn't much chop... the local library wasn't fab... but a longing was there to discover beyond my horizon.
And still that impulse is, as you say, very enervating. I'm quite happy in my own Art Practice to focus in, "drill down", stay with things to see them really develop!
But with the world outside my front door I like to discover and enjoy the irrefutable fact of the wealth of human vision and creative manifestation. And the blog is wonderful place for this!
Its a pleasure to share the finds Novi,

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Sophie, I can only imagine how beautiful your gallery must have been years ago. Your aesthetic is so finely tuned and right down my alley that I know your gallery would've been my fave!! Thank You so much for your research and sharing your lovely aesthetic with us all!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you for the warmth of appreciation. Just lately, again, I have had moments of considering opening a space...but it always comes to me as a collaborative vision... an art space attached to something that can really foster daily dialogue and a larger sense of community then we currently favour.I think a terrific antidote to this franchised, over-homogenised world is in bringing the huge diversity and layers of creative people and projects forward...having them be able to be seen.
So thankyou for a prompt to wonder a little more about this!
You are so kind Chrissy!
Soph x