Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wonderful words from across the Pacific

At the moment.....  I'm writing hundreds of emails each week, joining dots all over the place, attending meetings, going to computer classes to get up to speed,  doing a lot of planning, and more planning, presenting on my project at various locations (this has been very stimulating I must say!!!) and dealing with the usual hiccups.... one's very independant 81 yr old mother had her car stolen (very big hiccup for her), the "is there fresh food in the house?" question... and where are those missing papers? Etc, etc.
Its life.... make some big plans and more starts happening all around!

Am I keeping up? ... well... today feels like a huge tidy up will make all the difference! 

So how good was it this morning to find in my in-tray a message from Mary Zeran that she'd posted something on what I'm up to at her wonderful blog.

International System

International System

acrylic, archival acetate on bristol
Mary Zeran

This is a new work of Mary's which I was delighted to discover this morning through her flickr site!
Titles of her works often make me pause to ponder. Mary loves words and I am appreciating this over time more and more when an email arrives and there might be a long yet most lyrical thread to the writing.... rather like this image. 

If you go visit Mary's 'Adventures in Art' blog you can read the post which gives her take on what I'm up to .... her generous spirit is well in evidence! Click on her Post hereDONATE THROUGH THE AUSTRALIA CULTURAL FUND TO SUPPORT SOPHIE MUNNS IN HER UK RESEARCH TRIP IN OCT/NOV 11

Its something of a challenge to be this upfront... Last night I sent out a series of e-invites to the WEEKEND ART SALE at my Brisbane base COMING UP VERY SOON!!!  and in this mail-out gave the background to the research trip and project as it is now. Of course that covers the Donor program as well.

I've talked to a lot of artists about this and many report a similar reticence at times when putting out the message... even after having worked tirelessly for months, even years... and having worked on the promotion and with the dates looming. 

One simply has to get on with the show - so to speak..

So how much lighter is one's load when a friend who's been watching things build, who already sends small notes of encouragement ... then just posts a wonderful story and offers it up like a gift.
Deepest thanks to you Mary!

You are
cordially invited to come along to the Reeve St Art Weekend

10am to 5pm

afternoon tea from
2pm ($10)

artist talk

other times by request

in aid of research trip to UK!

Read the page I pinched this bold yellow text from here.


Mlle Paradis said...

sooooo exciting!

Sophie Munns said...

thankyou my friend!

Anonymous said...

Anything I can do to help lady!!! I am so excited about your trip I can hardly see straight. You are traveling for all of us! xo

Sophie Munns said...

Ive been the stay-at-home one for so long... funny to think I have to get moving soon!
Have new laptop... trying to get used to it so I can be productive on the go.
Its good the first 4 weeks are only in two i can at least be focused. Saving all the gadding about for the last couple of weeks really!
Talk soon Mary!

ArtPropelled said...

I get butterflies at the thought of going off on an adventure like yours Sophie.

Beautiful painting by Mary!

ArtPropelled said...

I have butterflies thinking about your trip. Such an exciting adventure

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for your kind thought Robyn!
I've cleared the paperwork and now have paints everywhere ... almost forgot these plans I became so immersed in the work tonight.
Think I'll have butterflies before I go!